William Jump @ 02/13/2021 06:20 | ReST Performance Smart Bed

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Customer service answered numerous questions prior to our purchase, online ordering was simple, delivery was well coordinated. Due to the pandemic, there was no “white glove” setup, and it certainly takes at least two people to unbox and setup, but the instructions were detailed and complete. Setting up the app was a challenge that customer service promptly addressed. Turns out that the current version of the app has to find one home WiFi signal in order to connect so you can get firmware updates and utilize the “Night Vision” features. I have a “mesh” WiFi network that uses multiple WiFi signals and was not compatible with the app, but customer service promptly rectified the issue so we could use all the features of ReST bed adjustments and the sleep quality features of the Night Vision. Having four zones (head and feet are combined for the same pressure) certainly allows a lot of flexibility in finding just the right support for head/feet, shoulders, lumbar, and legs. Certainly more flexibility than a single air bag on each side, or two zones of adjustment (head/feet and lumbar) that several brands have introduced. We also enjoyed the automatic adjustments the bed made as you change positions at night. The pump noise was minimal as adjustments to the various air bags was made, and if that disturbs light sleepers, there is an option to not use that feature. We have several “white noise” (fans) in the bedroom, and the pump noise was not noticeable over what we normally have been accustom to.

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