We offer an industry-leading 10 year FULL warranty.  This means we will cover 100% of the cost of any replacement components, including the shipping costs. 

We are proud to offer a 90 day, risk free return policy on all purchases made through this website, restperformance.com. There are NO restocking fees and NO return shipping fees. If for any reason you’re unhappy with the ReST Bed before 90 days, please reach out to us at info@restperformance.com or call us at 888-588-1349. 

We understand that it’s not possible for everyone to conveniently visit one of our 150 retail partners located across the country. Thus, we’re happy to offer a 90 day risk-free return policy for purchases made through our website. On top of that, we offer a 10 year full warranty. If you have more particular questions about The ReST Bed™, feel free to call our customer support line (888-588-1349), and one of our associates will be happy to help!

No, the ReST Bed has industry-standard dimensions, so it works/fits with any adjustable base, box spring, or bed frame.

A Split Top ReST Bed has a split in the head section about a third of the way down the length of the mattress. This allows for separate control of the head portion of the bed, while also preserving the “cuddle zone” in the middle of the bed. The foot of the bed can still be operated separately, but is one piece.

A Split King is two Twin XL ReST Bed’s side-by-side. The primary reason for purchasing this is if you have an adjustable base and want to have separate movement of the head and foot sections of each side of the bed.

No, our White Glove delivery service and set up is an additional $199.

The ReST Bed app can be found in both the Android and iOS app stores. You can use any personal Android or iOS device to download the app on and control your ReST Bed™.

Yes! We offer zero interest, no credit check financing through our friends at Splitit. You can learn more about that by clicking HERE

White Glove Delivery entails a two-man crew unboxing the mattress, bringing it into the bedroom, setting it up, and cleaning up afterwards. The whole process takes about 20 minutes. The White Glove Delivery crew will call you roughly 24 hours prior to their expected arrival to schedule an exact day/time that works best for you.

Yes, they can remove your mattress for an additional, one time charge of $99. This can be added during the checkout process.

No. The ReST Bed’s pumps have their own closed WiFi system that connects directly to the tablet and does not require any additional connection to your home network. Upon connecting to the pump, you have the ability to connect your pump to you home network, but this step is entirely optional. 

The mode you use and comfort settings you settle on are entirely up to you. After receiving your ReST Bed, we recommend you take some time to try each mode and find a comfort setting that feels best to you. Perhaps the best attribute of The ReST Bed is that you can change the settings and modes anytime you feel like it!

In the event of power loss, the ReST Bed will temporarily lose its ability to adjust. It will remain at the last firmness setting until the power is restored. The bed will NOT deflate however, as the air hoses require electricity to open or close. The use of a surge protector is also strongly recommended to prevent damage to the internal electronics in the pump.

If you are worried about the bed making too many adjustments because of your furry friend, we’d recommend leaving it in manual mode. Of course it’s okay! Your furry friends will get the best sleep of their lives as well. The size of your furry friend will determine how much pressure shows up on the map and thus how much of an adjustment is made (only if you have the bed set in automatic mode). 

While we don’t have any retail partners in Canada (yet), we DO ship and offer White Glove Delivery. (Please note: we charge an additional $199 delivery fee, so $398 total)

No. We don’t include tablets with the purchase of a ReST Bed. The ReST Bed app is cloud based and can be downloaded on any iOS or Android device for use with the bed. 

The ReST Bed is 13″ thick. 

The memory foam and Purple Grid™ comfort layers are each 4″ thick. 

Within the Purple Grid™ layer, there’s 2″ of Purple Grid™ and 2″ of memory foam. 

Purple Grid FAQs

Though the Purple Grid™ does offer a different feel than you may be accustomed to, the pattern of the Grid won’t interfere with your comfort level. In fact, the design of the Purple Grid™ enhances your comfort level and improves pressure relief and back support.

Purple uses one-of-a-kind comfort technology. Learn more about Purple’s patented material and the innovative science that sets them apart HERE.

The Purple material, also known as the Purple Grid™, is ultra-durable and keeps its shape night after night, year after year. The Purple Grid™ distributes your weight and helps lengthen the bed’s lifespan. That being said, the high-quality polyurethane foam supporting the Purple has a 10-year lifespan, so you can rest easy for years to come.

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