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  • David Branson Branson Confirmed

    From: Columbia, TN
    5 Stars

    Worth every penny!!

    Literally the best bed we have ever slept on. We had a competitors bed and this is by far not only more advanced technology but just flat out more comfortable, which is really all that matters. Actually look forward to laying on the bed unlike any bed either me or my wife have ever laid one. WORTH EVERY PENNY!! Also the dual zone bedjet is a true game changer. I keep my side freezing and my wife keeps her side on fire and we both slept perfectly!!
  • Greer Kabb-Langkamp Confirmed

    From: Akron, Ohio
    5 Stars

    Love the Bed

    Really like our king-size bed with dual controls so that we can set each side to our specs Like being able to check every morning how I slept. Like that it adjusts as I turn.
  • Marty Moody Confirmed

    From: Bend, Oregon
    5 Stars


    I used to toss and turn all night. Now I wake up in the same position as going to bed.. GET ONE you will not be sorry
  • Daniel G. Confirmed

    From: Greenwich, CT
    5 Stars

    Excellent air mattress, excellent company!

    I'm disabled and started looking into air mattresses to help heal the pressure sores I was having and prevent getting more in the future. When I ordered my mattress, Covid was just breaking out which caused a big delay in the mattress being delivered. Rest was very helpful, giving me at least three $50 courtesy credits during the first few months of delivery delays. After the six-month, they offered to upgrade my order from the "Essential" model (at the time $3000) air mattress to the "Original" model (at the time $5000) with no extra charge to me. I of course agreed and I'm so glad I did! Thanks to the Rest mattresses adjustability, the pressure sore eventually went away. I highly recommend Rest to anyone looking for an air mattress.
  • Bob Puliz Confirmed

    From: Sacramento, Ca
    5 Stars

    Very happy

    Had the bed for about 4-5 years, very comfortable. The company was kind to upgrade the two pumps at no cost, very impressed
  • Rob Terme Confirmed

    From: Miami, FL
    5 Stars

    Better than Something number

    Have purchased the competiting brand S...Number and returned it right away. This mattress is 10 x better than a single chamber bed. The customer service doesnt try to upsell you more garbage.
  • Boston Potts Confirmed

    From: Michigan
    5 Stars

    Awesome bed super comedy and soft

    Awesome bed super comfy and soft
  • Mischelle Ulrich Confirmed

    From: Farmington, MN
    5 Stars

    Excellent bed, and they keep making it better

    Once my husband and I got the setting fine tuned, we both sleep very well, and the App confirms that! The only "Complaint" I have is now they have the GelGrid topper, but cannot be retrofitted to our mattress, so hopefully they will be able to make that work in the future.
  • James Deschenes Confirmed

    From: Ct
    5 Stars

    Great sleep since getting this bed

    Took awhile to receive this bed but was worth the wait

    From: Minneapolis
    5 Stars

    6 months later and still loving it.

    The two dogs and I have been sleeping on a king-sized ReST mattress for 6 months now. I don't think I could ever go back to any other type of mattress. This one knows what it's doing.

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