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  • Susan Frislie Confirmed

    From: Georgia
    5 Stars

    Worth the money

    Don’t let the price scare you, it’s so worth the money. It will be the last bed you ever buy, and their payment plan makes it super easy. If you add the total number of hours you spend in bed vs number of hours in your car, it’s a no brainer. You will never sleep better
  • Diane Prenger Confirmed

    From: Beverly Hills, MI
    5 Stars

    Great Choice - No regrets!

    The bed is extremely comfortable. I really like how it adjusts to my movements. I was concerned about having the dog sleep in the bed and how that would effect things. It hasn't been a problem whatsoever. Only fault is the initial synching with your phone, etc. That was a pain. Also, once in a great while your bed syncing stops and you have to reset it up. The benefits far outweigh the little annoyances. Also the financing option is great as well.
  • Keith Corbin Confirmed

    From: Tampa Fl
    4 Stars

    Big change

    I definitely sleep better with this bed. I’m a flipper back to side etc. the change in pressure points is a big help The reason I gave it a 4 is there are times when the pressure change is delayed If they would add automatic tilt adjustment when going back to side that would be awesome
  • brett hankins Confirmed

    From: sonora ca
    4 Stars

    comfortable bed

    bed is great
  • Daniel Johnson Confirmed

    From: Eva Alabama
    5 Stars

    We love our California King!

    The mattress is awesome and the app is very user friendly. My wife and I couldn't be any more happier with our new California King!
  • Jillian Timmins Confirmed

    From: McKinney Texas
    5 Stars

    I love it!

    Amazing!! As a breast feeding mother, this bed was the best thing ever!!
  • Ellen Snyder Confirmed

    From: Sharon, MA
    4 Stars

    Extreme comfort

    I absolutely love being able to fine tune my bed for how I am feeling at the moment. I sleep so well in this bed. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is I find the pump hum kind of annoying. I don't notice it so much anymore, because the awesome customer service replaced the original.
  • Barbara Schweitzer Confirmed

    From: Knoxville
    5 Stars

  • Lisa Confirmed

    From: Fox River Grove
    5 Stars

    Best sleep!

    The ReST bed is awesome! I love how it adjusts to my movements as I sleep in various positions. The App makes it super easy to adjust and I am getting the best sleep I've ever had in years. I'd recomend the investment as it's worth it.
  • Frank Szabo Confirmed

    From: Grand Junction, CO
    5 Stars

    Awesome Bed and Customer Support!!!

    We purchased our ReST bed 3 years ago on the way back from a vacation. I had researched it and other sleep number like beds. The ReST bed had the better reviews and warranty and customer support. The ReST bed has performed better than i expected, great sleep, aleviated stress and pressure points. We had some issues with the air pumps after about 1 year, and they were replaced within two days after dealing with customer support which was extremely easy. Great bed, but greater customer services and support. Worth every penny when you way a good nights sleep, how you feel everyday and your health.

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