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  • Masoud E Confirmed

    From: Washington, DC
    5 Stars


    I narrowed my search to 5 companies and spoke with all 5 company's reps. Gloria at ReST was the most transparent, kind, and helpful among all. I feel that the way an agent of a company approaches customer service is the most telling leading indicator to how the company as a whole handles customer service. We're looking forward to our new ReST mattress!!
  • Happy Girl Confirmed

    From: Arizona
    5 Stars

    Excellent Customer Service

    I can't say enough about the customer service for ReST. They have done every possible thing to make the hiccups right for me and they are rare in that. Other companies do not care at all about the customer and do nothing to make things right. That is why I will purchase a ReST bed again in the future. I did like the bed, but have chosen to try out another brand or two before making a final decision. A very good bed and great company to work with. Definitely recommend!
  • Tracy Hansen Confirmed

    From: Charlotte, MI
    4 Stars

    Great bed!

    It take a bit of getting used to with the settings and the sound of the pump but I love that it is adjustable and almost no motion transfer while getting in/out and rolling over.
  • Diane Frankenberg Confirmed

    From: Washington, Missouri
    5 Stars

    Great Bed Excellent Customer Service!

    This bed adjusts to every part of my body. We had a Sleep Number for 12 years, switched to the ReST and have not looked back. Not only is the bed amazing, the customer service was above and beyond my expectations, excellent! Gifty was easy to talk with, we solve my problem and I had a replacement part shipped to my door in less than 24 hours. Fantastic! Thank you! Diane
  • Brent Fruge Confirmed

    From: Lakeland, FL
    5 Stars

    Most Comfortable Ever!

    My wife and I love the bed. We both have different preferences and this bed more than meets both of our needs. My wife has back and joint issues and she already notices a difference and it has been only a week that we've had it.
  • Cathy Geist Confirmed

    From: Nevada, IA
    4 Stars

    Great bed

    Takes a little bit to get your adjustments perfected but this is a great bed, definitely sleeping better!
  • Trent Voth Confirmed

    From: Shakopee MN
    5 Stars

    Great bed

    My wife and I love this bed. Having two adjustable sides is heaven. Had a couple of hardware issues but customer service is superior and issues were resolved immediately. Would buy another one with out hesitating.
  • Suzanne Shafer Confirmed

    From: New Hartford, NY
    5 Stars

    Excellent bed

    Amazingly comfortable bed! Love the variance between the two sides and adjustments that are specific to individuals.
  • Danielle Martin Confirmed

    From: Murphys, CA
    5 Stars

    Excellent customer service!

    We’ve had our ReST bed for about a week and we had a hiccup or 2 in the beginning but thanks to the customer service at ReST bed, those issues were taken care of quickly! Now the bed and app are both very responsive and have a lot of features to help customize your comfort. I was having pain on my hip and shoulder from sleeping on my side on my old mattress but that’s virtually gone after sleeping on rest bed after a week. There’s no feeling of being in a hammock or a deflated air mattress like some people have experienced with sleep number beds. All in all our experience with ReST bed so far has been very pleasant. We give their customer service, their tech, and their bed two thumbs up!
  • Thomas B Egliht Confirmed

    From: Pearland, TX
    5 Stars

    Surpassing Expectations

    For quite sometime. I have been unable to sleep past 5:00-6:00 AM, no matter what time I go to bed, . We're still only 4 days into it but I've slept 9+ hours every night Loving it !!!

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