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  • Meng Tao Confirmed

    From: Manchester NH
    4 Stars

    Auto Mode maybe best way for a good night sleep

    This mattress has Auto Mode, which is what I leave it onI did try manual mode, different setting for different night.The mattress was easy to setup, and maintain itself. I have sciatic and back pain issue, I feel the mattress helped.
  • Eric S Confirmed

    From: Fort Lauderdale
    5 Stars

    We Could Not Be Happier!

    This is absolutely the best bed I have ever owned. At 52 years old I have suffered from lower back pain and neck pain for years. I tried various "mail order" beds with always the same result. I felt like I was sleeping in a hammock that over time just got worse. I started looking at air mattresses and of course the one that came to mind was the one that had the "best" marketing - or should I say the most visible marketing – so we went to the store, subjected ourselves to their "scientific" selling, laid down in the bed and thought wow this is a great idea - but then I asked one simple question. If I want the lower back firmer to support my lumbar but want the head and hips more soft how do I do that? The salesperson had a complete and total dumbfounded look on her face. I realized that this “smart” bed was actually about as dumb as the other beds I had tried – with only one air chamber per side there is physically no way you can have a firm lumbar with soft hips, legs and head – it was clear that I was headed for another “hammock” experience albeit a very, very expensive one this time around. So we left feeling quite dismayed. How is it possible that no one had developed a bed with multiple air chambers to support the various parts of the human body at the same time? On the internet I go and low and behold I find ReST! The fact that I now have multiple air chambers on each side of the bed, controlled dynamically by the position of my body has literally cured my back pain. I sleep like a baby, wake up rested and ready to go. And the best part is that my wife has her own, totally different settings – each adjusting automatically as we sleep – it’s amazing! We got the split king with an adjustable bed frame and I have to say it’s a match made in heaven. Bottom line? The ReST is not the cheapest mattress by any stretch – so if cheap is your mission this might not be for you – but if AMAZING performance, pain relief, quality and comfort coupled with great technology and customer service is your mission look no further. ReST is the standard in air mattresses as far as we are concerned. They have absolutely raised the bar. That other “smart bed” – not too smart if you ask me! I only wished I found ReST sooner!
  • Kevin Brzuszkiewicz Confirmed

    From: Liverpool, NY
    5 Stars

    28 Days and Counting

    Day 1: Had an issue with the bed when it arrived. I contacted customer service and they exceeded my expectations by overnighting a part that I needed and kicked back some money my way for the inconvenience. (Excellent customer service with an extremely fast response. They gained my trust.) Day 2: First night sleeping was rough. Played around with the different modes to find out what works for me. Realized that it’s going to take more than a couple of days to find the perfect setting. Day 3 thru 12: Still trying to find a perfect setting to get a good night sleep. This company needs to update the ReST app so that I can be precise with my settings instead of “ball parking” it visually with no accuracy or consistency. Day 13: Finally, I got a good night sleep. Day 14 thru 25: Left for vacation Day 26: Oh My God!! They updated the app!!! Not only did they meet my expectations by making everything precise, accurate, and consistent by giving each zone a range from 1-40... but they’ve also exceeded my expectations by adding a sensitivity feature as well. Now the bed responds as fast or as slow as I choose. My mind is blown right now!! Day 27 thru 28: If your still reading this you should stop what your doing and buy this bed. Seriously... they nailed it by updating the app. They’ve added 2 memory settings to manual mode, they’ve added a sensitivity feature to automatic mode, they’ve made the position mode along with every other mode accurate, precise and consistent. Everything that I hated about the app is not only fixed, but I honestly can’t find a flaw. I could go on and on...Way to go ReSt!!!
  • Anatte Litvak Confirmed

    From: San Francisco
    5 Stars

    Eases Back Pain - Worth the $

    My husband is a back and stomach sleeper (with chronic back pain), while I'm a side sleeper. We could never agree on a mattress as we had different needs. Problem solved with the Rest mattress. It's worth every penny.
  • Tom B Confirmed

    From: Yorba Linda, CA
    5 Stars

    The Best Bed Ever

    I have had my ReST Bed for almost a year. It indeed has become the best bed I have ever owned. I have tried virtually every bed out there, Sleep Number, Dux Bed, spring beds, foam beds, Tempur-Pedic, and others. I have spent thousands of dollars trying to buy a good night’s sleep. Then I found ReST, and the search has ended. For the first time, I am waking up in the morning without lower back pain. What makes the ReST Bed work for me is the five air chambers; this allows me to apply support where is it is most needed. My bed came with a Samsung tablet; after syncing it with the bed pump, I can use the tablet to adjust the chambers. It took me about two weeks of tweaking to find the settings that worked best for me. It has three different modes, the one I use is the auto position, the bed knows if I am on my back or my side, it allows me to have a setting for my back and a different one for my side. The pump is quiet, so it does not wake up my wife. You can tell the bed is made up of high-quality material that should last for many years. I found the foam topper to be the most comfortable topper I have ever used. The customer service is incredible, I had an issue with my pump connecting to the tablet, I called CS, and they called me back right away, and they FEDEX overnight a new pump. They were very accommodating, and you can tell they want to make sure you are happy with the product. I have already told several of my friends about the bed, and I would recommend it to you as well. Dr. Tom
  • Brent Schoenbaum Confirmed

    From: Monrovia
    5 Stars

    Worth every $

    Without a doubt the most comfortable bed we have owned. We replaced our SleepNumber i8 with the ReST performance mattress primarily to upgrade to a flexible base and learning of the multiple air chambers used in the ReST mattress. What we learned in the transition is that this is hands down the most comfortable bed we have owned. The self adjusting multiple air mattresses really makes a difference in the comfort of the bed compared to our prior air mattress. We absolutely love the bed!
  • Tim Miles Confirmed

    From: Tampa, Fl
    5 Stars

    Awesome Mattress!

    BEST MATTRESS EVER!! Top Notch, 5 Star rating for our new amazing “REST BED”. My wife & I purchased the King size Split Head “Rest Bed” smart mattress from the “Relax in Comfort” store (Tampa) with this mattress and an adjustable power base, my wife & I feel like we are sleeping on a cloud. MOST COMFORTABLE & BEST SLEEPING WE HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. I highly recommend the “Rest Bed” mattress & the Dealer “Relax in Comfort“.
  • Ana Ventira Confirmed

    From: Tampa, FL
    5 Stars

    Great Experience!!!!

    The bed is amazing!!!. but Shish makes this a great experience. His supportiveness and willing to help, gave us a plus to choose Rest above any other option.
  • Elaine Degon Confirmed

    From: Tucson
    5 Stars

    Best bed

    Best bed
  • Eric R Confirmed

    From: Tampa, Fl
    5 Stars

    Whats in a word?

    I knew I wanted a smart adjustable bed. I’ve spent too many sleepless nights tossing and turning only to wake up exhausted and with a sore back. I wanted a bed that would allow me to adjust the mattress firmness for my specific needs so I can sleep comfortably. I researched the other adjustable beds on the market. They were ok but then I came across the ReST Smart Adjustable bed. I didn’t even know something like this even existed! A bed with 5 medical grade air chambers running vertically down your spine from your head to your feet? A bed that automatically adjusts the firmness based on sensor input from over 2000 pressure points on each side of the mattress all while motoring them in real time? It’s like something out of science fiction! So I researched it, reading review sites as well as independent review videos on YouTube. Everything I saw on it was positive. I was sold. Needless to say due to my research, I pretty much knew what to expect in regards to the bed when I came to the Relax In Comfort store in Tampa. What I did not expect however was the customer service I received from Shish. Most sales folks I’ve encountered in other bed companies try to steer the customer to the most expensive product without knowing or even understanding about the customer’s needs and wants. That was not the case with Shish. He actually prides himself on education rather than sales. His philosophy is to provide the customer as much information as possible in order for them to make an informed choice. He’s not pushy and he doesn’t have to be. The quality of his goods speak for themselves. I fully encourage everyone who is in the market for a great bed to stop by Relax In Comfort in Tampa. Its worth the trip.

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