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  • Marty Moody Confirmed

    From: Bend, Oregon
    5 Stars


    I used to toss and turn all night. Now I wake up in the same position as going to bed.. GET ONE you will not be sorry
  • Daniel G. Confirmed

    From: Greenwich, CT
    5 Stars

    Excellent air mattress, excellent company!

    I'm disabled and started looking into air mattresses to help heal the pressure sores I was having and prevent getting more in the future. When I ordered my mattress, Covid was just breaking out which caused a big delay in the mattress being delivered. Rest was very helpful, giving me at least three $50 courtesy credits during the first few months of delivery delays. After the six-month, they offered to upgrade my order from the "Essential" model (at the time $3000) air mattress to the "Original" model (at the time $5000) with no extra charge to me. I of course agreed and I'm so glad I did! Thanks to the Rest mattresses adjustability, the pressure sore eventually went away. I highly recommend Rest to anyone looking for an air mattress.
  • Bob Puliz Confirmed

    From: Sacramento, Ca
    5 Stars

    Very happy

    Had the bed for about 4-5 years, very comfortable. The company was kind to upgrade the two pumps at no cost, very impressed
  • Rob Terme Confirmed

    From: Miami, FL
    5 Stars

    Better than Something number

    Have purchased the competiting brand S...Number and returned it right away. This mattress is 10 x better than a single chamber bed. The customer service doesnt try to upsell you more garbage.
  • Boston Potts Confirmed

    From: Michigan
    5 Stars

    Awesome bed super comedy and soft

    Awesome bed super comfy and soft
  • Mischelle Ulrich Confirmed

    From: Farmington, MN
    5 Stars

    Excellent bed, and they keep making it better

    Once my husband and I got the setting fine tuned, we both sleep very well, and the App confirms that! The only "Complaint" I have is now they have the GelGrid topper, but cannot be retrofitted to our mattress, so hopefully they will be able to make that work in the future.
  • James Deschenes Confirmed

    From: Ct
    5 Stars

    Great sleep since getting this bed

    Took awhile to receive this bed but was worth the wait

    From: Minneapolis
    5 Stars

    6 months later and still loving it.

    The two dogs and I have been sleeping on a king-sized ReST mattress for 6 months now. I don't think I could ever go back to any other type of mattress. This one knows what it's doing.
  • Tim Barton Confirmed

    From: Orlando, FL
    5 Stars

    Great Nights Sleep

    It took a minute to get used to the constant pressure adjustment, but it truly is a transformative sleep experience. I notice it most when I sleep in another bed and miss my rest. I cant wait for the sleep tracking portion of the app to get out of beta and start actually working. Cool concept and it will let me charge my watch while I sleep.
  • Richard Decker Confirmed

    From: Lafayette Indiana
    5 Stars

    Split top is great

    Nice to have choices of heights for my head comfort. Oddly has helped my posture

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