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  • Charles M Confirmed

    From: Anchorage, AK
    5 Stars


    This bed has more than exceeded expectations for both my wife and myself. Having the ability to completely adjust each side not only independently from each other, but to customize my own side is incredible. It took a few days to find our 'just right' setting, but since then it has been by far the best bed that we've ever had.
  • Mackenzie Nunley Confirmed

    From: Salt Lake City Utah
    5 Stars

    Worth the money!

    My husband spent months researching different beds, looking for the right one for us. He has a degenerative disease and is always in pain. He really wanted to find a bed that he would be able to get into a deeper sleep and feel rested and best case scenario, be in less pain! This bed hit every one of those points for us. We are totally in love. Will never own a different bed. Thank you ReST!
  • Josh Armour Confirmed

    From: Seattle, WA
    5 Stars

    Advanced Bed from a company with awesome post purchase support.

    I took what I thought was a gamble on a bed from a manufacturer that I had not heard of before. All of the regular names everyone has heard of didn't quite have what I was looking for - an adjustable inflatable air mattress with individual chambers that was 'smart' enough to let me use my phone. I also wanted something smart enough to adjust based on me. The ReST bed is really the only one that fit all the marks, and more. I purchased the bed, a little worried about having to deal with a company across the country for any issues. Boy was that an unfounded fear! First of all, the bed is great. It is hard to overstate how important it is to have the bed adjust firmness based on my movements during the night. Not just overall firmness, but adjust the hip firmness, or the lumbar. I need different settings for when I sleep on my stomach (deep sleep) and when I sleep on my side (light sleep).. It just makes sense when you think about it. Second, the bed comes with a great warranty and support program. I was offered an extended warranty from the store I bought it through but I haven't ever needed to use them at all. I simply contacted ReST directly and they are very quick to respond! I had a minor issue with the touch sensor on my side of the bed and the company replied within 24 hours, and had a box on the way with a replacement part within 24 hours after that. I have a hard time getting that sort of response from the kings of support (Amazon or Costco).. I am impressed. If you are worried about dealing with an unfamiliar brand name, or dealing with a company who is based far away from you in the rare case of needing support - I can say that you don't need to fret over those. Spend your time worrying about other things 🙂
  • Joe Foster Confirmed

    From: Chicago IL
    5 Stars

    Incredible sleeping experience

    My wife and I have experienced several mattresses promising to create a better nights rest and help with joint/back pain, but none can come close to our new ReST bed. We have not experienced sleep like this in decades. The bed adjusts to the pressures your body is placing on the mattress to equally distribute the weight and relieve multiple pressure points. You wake up refreshed and without pain! We purchased a split king which is great considering we prefer different firmness levels. We are now able to adjust each side to our personal liking. It is the perfect bed for anyone looking for a pain free good night's rest
  • Gregory Edwards Confirmed

    From: Illinois
    5 Stars


    For more than a year, I've been tossing and turning on my old bed and waking up in extreme pain. After all my research on beds and debating on which one I was going to purchase, I decided on the ReST bed. I'm so happy that I did. My wife is very happy also! I've only had the bed for about 2 weeks so far, but from day one when I got this bed, I haven't had anymore back pain! So far this has been a great investment!
  • Lawrence Robinson Confirmed

    From: Irvine Ca
    5 Stars

    The bed that fits your needs

    I have lower back pain and neck issues and since I purchased the RestBed my pain has almost totally went away. The reason why I said almost because their are so many features with this bed that each time I feel good a new feature takes over as the best... that’s the most reason why I live this bed so many options for me to get the best results I need.
  • Andrew R Confirmed

    From: Atlanta
    5 Stars

    The ONLY bed for a pain-free good night's rest!

    We have had many expensive mattresses promising to create a better nights rest and help with back pain, but none can touch our new ReST bed. I have not experienced a deep sleep like I have with this bed since I was younger. The bed adjust to the pressures your body is placing on the mattress to equally distribute the weight and relieve pressure from your back. You wake up refreshed and without pain! We got a split king which is great considering I prefer a hard bed while my wife prefers a softer bed. We are able to adjust each side to our personal liking. It is the perfect bed for anyone looking for a pain free good night's rest.
  • Kathy Drew Confirmed

    From: USA
    5 Stars

    Exceptional Mattress, Great Customer Service

    After researching the many mattresses on the market today, we decided upon the ReST mattress. It has been one of the best decisions we made. I have suffered from lower back pain for the last 2 years and with my old mattress I could never get comfortable and was only getting a few hours sleep. I also woke up with not only back pain but hip pain as well. After my first night sleeping on the ReST mattress, I knew immediately what a huge difference I felt. I no longer wake up in pain and I’m sleeping so much better. We did have one issue and I must say the customer service was amazing. They went above and beyond to take care of the matter. I highly recommend this mattress!!
  • John Nelson Confirmed

    From: Chapel HIll, NC
    5 Stars

    Best bed I've ever slept in

    I've been sleeping in my ReST Split King now for 1 year and it's by far the best bed I've ever slept in. Prior to buying my ReST bed last year, I had a king Sleep Number for about 10 years. I was going to buy another Sleep Number until I did some research and found ReST. For me, the ReST bed is superior in terms of both comfort and how I feel when I get out of bed. I'm 57 years old and if the bed isn't comfortable to me, I wake up feeling like I'm 77 years old. Let's just say that when I get out of bed in the morning after sleeping in my ReST bed, I honestly feel like I did when I was 37!
  • Kim Troup Confirmed

    From: USA
    5 Stars

    Great Bed & Excellent Customer Service!

    We absolutely love the ReST bed! The ability to control 5 zones allows for a great night's sleep. The customer service is also great. Every time we have had a question or a problem, they have been answered and solved extremely fast. We would recommend this bed to all our family and friends.

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