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  • Noah Lemmel Confirmed

    From: Fort Stewart, GA
    5 Stars

    Best Sleep Ever

    This bed is amazing comfortable. The warranty makes it so much better! I have had both air chambers replaced, next day, completely for free!
  • Mike O Confirmed

    From: North Texas
    5 Stars

    Awesome adjustability

    Multiple zones combined with an adjustable firmness and base make this a night saver!!! Sleeping like babies again!!
  • Jim Drew Confirmed

    From: Smyrna, TN
    5 Stars

    Great Customer Support

    Whenever my wife or I have had a question or needed something the ReST team has been there. They are responsive and honor the 10-year no hassle warranty. We have had bed for 2-years and love it and the ReST team! Keep up the outstanding customer support!
  • Shelly Dyb Confirmed

    From: Torrance, CA
    5 Stars

    Love the adjustability

    I've had another brand of airbed for nearly 10 years - one of the cheaper models. I just wasn't able to get comfortable so I was looking at an upgrade to a better model when I found ReST. One of my issues was hip and shoulder pain since I'm a side sleeper. I thought this could be the answer and it's returnable so what do I have to lose. I've been sleeping much more soundly based on my fitbit app which definitely makes it worth it all! I did find the bed a tad firm for my taste when I had the air supportive enough for my hips so I put a latex topper on mine which made it heaven!
  • Frank L Bileth Confirmed

    From: Florida
    5 Stars

    Comfortable, Seem to be sleeping more soundly

    The bed is very comfortable. My wife’s side had a leak at the head and legs. They overnighted a new mattress which installs easily. We are still trying to learn how to operate the remotes, hers likes to do weird things. The massager came on this morning by itself. Some how the remote went into #2 mode at some point. We will see what happens when we learn how to operate the remote properly and can give you more information then. The staff is very helpful. They have been called several times and then call back later to check on it.
  • Constance Sombaty Confirmed

    From: Westerville, OH
    5 Stars

    Pain free sleep

    It took awhile to get used to the sound of the air pump all night. Felt like I was sleeping next to Darth Vader. I used to have a hard time getting comfortable but the way this bed adjusts it is like sleeping on air. I wish the app worked better so I could tell for sure how well I was sleeping, but I seem to be getting much better rest with my ReST bed.
  • Kelsey Debes Confirmed

    From: Little Elm, TX
    5 Stars


    The sleep system has been life-changing! It has completely improved my sleep and quality-of-life! So glad we went with REST!
  • Art Porter Confirmed

    From: Lakeland, FL
    5 Stars

    Amazing bed

    Compared to other air mattresses we considered, ReST Bed is amazing. We've had it for about one month and glad we took a leap of faith. Normally as side sleepers, we found we are now just as comfortable on our backs as we are on our sides. Being able to adjust for individual sections of our bodies along with the auto adjustment features as we shift positions is amazing.. I should also mention Customer Service does an outstanding job answering questions and providing assistance when needed. I generally do not do reviews but in this case, I felt compelled to do so.
  • David Murphy Confirmed

    From: USA
    5 Stars

    The BEST Bed we have ever slept on.

    For the first time in years we wake up and feel totally rested.
  • Emily Confirmed

    From: Australia
    5 Stars

    Bed is amazing.

    I love it, the rest app is a bit finicky.

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