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  • Joe Cooper Confirmed

    From: Sarasota, FL
    5 Stars

    Love the bed and great service

    Received the bed about 3 weeks ago. Had a small problem with the iPhone app. Got a call back right away and they walked me right through what we needed to do to get it working. So far bed has been great. Getting good sleep compared to our old bed!
  • Ben Seefeldt Confirmed

    From: Wisconsin
    5 Stars

    Awesome bed

    Awesome bed
  • Kim Borges Confirmed

    From: CA
    3 Stars

    It's Okay

    We had such a horrible bed prior to purchasing the ReST bed that my husband and I were enamored with it in it beginning because it was so much more comfortable than our old lumpy bed. We've had our ReST bed for 6 months now and both my husband and I are still struggling to find the right settings for each of us. Some nights I sleep pretty well, and others not so much. I can say I sleep better than my previous bed, but I didn't get that amazing quality of sleep that I was hoping for.
  • Allan Tyson Confirmed

    From: Washington Statr
    5 Stars

    Great Bed with Super Customer Service

    Bed is extremely comfortable and their customer service is nothing short of amazing.
  • Danny Davidson Confirmed

    From: St. Louis, MO
    5 Stars

    What amazing Customer service and bed.

    My wife did a lot of research after going to a sleep number bed store. She came across the ReST bed. And we bought the split king adjustable mattresses. My wife had a few issues with her mattress. Customer service was outstanding. They fixed the issues and we love our mattresses and get the best rest ever.
  • Daniel Dean Confirmed

    From: Tacoma WA
    5 Stars

    This bed has made a huge difference!

    Before buying the REST bed I had tried 12 new mattresses in 1.5 years. With the arthritis in my neck and low back I couldn't sleep more then 3 hrs before the pain would keep me up. The adjustability of the different zones, especially in the lumbar made a big impact. I also liked the zipper top. It allowed me to swap out the memory foam for latex to farther customize the top layer.
  • Jamie Heroux Confirmed

    From: Minneapolis
    5 Stars

    Worth every penny!

    My husband and I had so many problems finding a bed that would work for both of us, and of course we needed the polar opposites in a bed. I am so happy that during my husbands research he came across the Rest Bed! It has been the best of both worlds for us, and I absolutely love that this bed will change and adapt with us and our needs over the years.
  • Brandon Sherwood Confirmed

    From: Minneapolis
    5 Stars

    It changed the way we sleep

    The bed has been great. We fall asleep faster and stay asleep. The app updates have been great. Our only hiccup has been if our WiFi router resets we have to reset the pumps. Otherwise it’s been awesome.
  • Anthony Sims Jr Confirmed

    From: Los Angeles, CA
    5 Stars

    Best Purchase Ever!

    I spent quite some time researching my next bed. I was almost ready to buy a Sleep Number. But then I stumbled upon Rest Bed. After a few more days of research, I made my purchase. I’ve had the bed for about a week now and it’s been amazing. Wake up without body pain. Don’t cheap out on a bed; get this bed. The bed is where you spend 1/3 of your life so it’s well worth it!
  • Michael Kardos Confirmed

    From: Bay Area, California
    5 Stars

    great product, nice delivery

    I was intrigued by the idea of a self adjusting bed and went for an in-store demo of the Sleep Number Mattress. Unfortunately, I was not enthused by the feel of it which had a hammock effect on each side and a dead spot in the middle of the split top Cal King. Fortunately, I got a referral from a colleague about the ReST bed and went and checked it out the next day. The design of the ReST bed is superior with 5 air bladders that meet in the middle - no hammock effect and no dead spot in the middle. I was sold and placed my order online a couple weeks later. Thanks to the staff at Rest Bed who were really helpful in making a quick delivery. Once I got it, I set the bed up in about 20 minutes and let it inflate while I downloaded the ap. I played with the settings a little bit but quickly went with 'automatic' and an overall firmness I liked. The bed adjusts perfectly as I roll from back to side and side to front sleeping - no hip or back pain when I get out of bed in the morning. So comfortable!!! I paired the ReST mattress with an adjustable base from Blissful Nights that has a special control for a Split-Top Cal King. I recommend that as well.

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