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  • Brittany Sartin Confirmed

    From: florida
    5 Stars

    great mattress

  • Yen Trinh Confirmed

    From: Malvern, PA
    5 Stars

    A True Game Changer

    I had been having more trouble sleeping as I have gotten older - now in my early 50s. It doesn't help that I sleep hot and move around a lot - at least that was my old life on a foam mattress.. After the Rest Bed I am sleeping around 8-10 hours per night and without any physical pain. In my view this is money very well spent. One must invest in their health and this is a fantastic way to do it!
  • Wendi Rees Confirmed

    From: Texas
    4 Stars

    Very comfy

  • PM Legall Confirmed

    From: Tampa, FL
    5 Stars

    A great bed!

    Comfortable bed! The flexibility between the two sides is great because we each prefer different settings. I like automatic adjustments, while my husband keeps his setting constant. The sleep analysis is very helpful, but sometimes does not pick up the readings for a night or two. Overall, we are happy with our bed.
  • MIKE WILLIAMS Confirmed

    5 Stars

    Great bed

    We had a lot of problems at first. Customer service is amazing. We absolutely love the bed now. I believe the app needs a lot of work.
  • Christopher Humbert Confirmed

    From: Hopkins, MN
    5 Stars

    My favorite mattress to-date

    Received just a couple months ago now and i have been getting the best nights sleep I’ve had in years! The ability to adjust the mattress to your exact liking is what really sets this mattress apart.
  • KIM PHILLIPS Confirmed

    From: WI
    5 Stars

    Excellent customer service

    Had issues with one of the pumps, sent a message and customer service responded within 24 hrs stating they would send two new pumps. Received within 2 days. One of the new pumps didn't work properly and overinflated the mattress, sent another message, customer service responded within 24 hrs and had a new mattress the next day!! Awesome service!!!
  • Michelle LaMattina Confirmed

    From: NH
    5 Stars

    Best bed!

    After trying 3 other beds my husband and myself finally agreed on this one!
  • Wayne Denny Confirmed

    From: Rutledge Georgia
    5 Stars

    Great bed

    Great bed
  • Claudia Coello Confirmed

    From: Orlando Florida
    4 Stars

    Bed is good but app not so good

    I cannot see my sleep pattern and it disconnects a lot

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