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    From: Minneapolis, MN
    5 Stars

    Exactly what we needed

    We agree on everything except the bed...until now. He liked it so he was swimming in the middle of porridge and I liked it where I can roll on out without a problem. We didn't want to get two separate beds and while trying out beds, saw this one. Worth. It.
  • Vivian Confirmed

    From: Texas
    5 Stars

    Worth It!

    Love this bed! I was a little hesitant at first, but my sleep has improved since getting it. No complaints
  • Alejandro Delgado Confirmed

    From: Austin, TX
    5 Stars

    Best bed I've owned

    I watched tons of reviews of beds. I was really impressed with the sleep number bed. I then found rest. I really impressed by the technology of ReST bed. It is a little costly but worth sleeping comfortably. I am a bigger guy and I like that the bed does not "Bowl" at night. The pump might bother some, but I sleep right through the adjustments.
  • Ron LaFave Confirmed

    From: Phoenix, AZ
    5 Stars

    An exceptional bed! This may be the smartest bed on the market, and by far the best value in a smart bed.

    Love this bed, and am so grateful that my wife and I can now both sleep on mattress that is firm enough for me, and soft enough for her. One happy couple!
  • Jorge Gomez Confirmed

    From: Wimauma FL
    5 Stars

    Nice Bed

    Yaky was outstanding in explaining the bed system
  • Jason Barnhouse Confirmed

    From: Alamogordo nm 88310
    5 Stars

    Best bed ever

    I have back and sholder issues and this bed has allowed me to be able to sleep comfortably which I have not been able to do for years.
  • Athena Garcia Confirmed

    From: Pueblo, Colorado
    5 Stars

    Love the bed

    Love the bed, ever since we got it I wake up with little to no joint pain. Having the ability to move the head of the bed helped when I had my hysterectomy as I couldn’t use my abdominal muscles. Best investment we even made.
  • Samuel Pyrtle Confirmed

    From: Raleigh, NC
    4 Stars

    Good Bed! Love the features. Customer Support is unclear as of now...

    Love the bed. Easy to use and enjoy. Would buy again as of now. I am having some connection issues with the USB and have left voicemails with their customer service folks but not return call yet. This is preventing the bed from functioning completely. But when it is working (which is, to be fair, 95% of the time), I love it! And I have a split king - so, this is ONLY one side I am talking about. The other side has its own equipment and is flawless. I am sure they will straighten this out shortly.
  • Mark Alban Confirmed

    From: Pleasant Hill, CA
    4 Stars

    Changing the sleep game FOREVER!

    Stumbled upon this bed while at a local retailer. Had no prior knowledge about the bed or the company and just took a chance.One of the better decisions I've made. This bed isn't for older or injured people, this bed is for people that like to sleep!
  • Susan Milin Confirmed

    From: Grand Junction, Colorado
    5 Stars

    Great Company

    This bed is wonderful and the customer service is fast and friendly for any concerns or needs

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