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  • Ken Neal Confirmed

    From: USA
    5 Stars

    Very comfortable bed

    Thoroughly enjoy the bed and the ability to go into zero gravity while reading is excellent!
  • Terry Potter Confirmed

    From: USA
    5 Stars

    Beats expectations!

    This is truly an amazing mattress. It automatically adjusts to your body's pressure points while you sleep. There are several preset positions but my personal favorite is the zero gravity. Customer service is excellent too.
  • John Loomis Confirmed

    From: Mehoopany, Pa
    5 Stars

    Sweet night sleep!

    Imagine a bed that isn’t a compromise. Every other bed … foam, spring, air … is a glorified hammock. Not the ReST bed! Having the ability to customize your bed to suit you. One that automatically adjusts as you move to become that prefect sleeping surface. This bed does what the sleep number claims to do, but doesn’t. We are so glad to have found this mattress. Everyone wakes up throughout the night, BC our bodies hurt and we need to move. This happens a lot less now. The best part now is, after you move, this mattress makes air pressure adjustments and your new position becomes even more comfortable. The real time load sensing mat locates and adjusts the air pressure to evenly load the bed surface from head to toe. I used the sleep app at for awhile, but haven’t looked at it in months. I don’t need an app for me to know I’m sleeping better. The bed does what I wanted it to do, and my body lets me know that I’m sleeping better!!! At 62, we’ve been through a number of beds. We wish this bed was available 40+ years ago! Sleeping has never better than this! This bed isn’t cheap, but there’s nothing good from a cheap nights sleep. We want to thank the ReST of the Team!
  • Michele Hanks Confirmed

    From: Dallas, Texas
    5 Stars

    Amazing service

    Had a problem with the bladder on one of the beds we bought. Rest was on it. Received replacement in less than 48 hours. Not to mention that this is an amazingly comfortable bed. Thank you REST and Sleep City.
  • JoAnn Maxib Confirmed

    From: Pittsburgh, PA
    5 Stars

    Awesome Bed

    This bed is amazing and helps my back pain. I sleep so well and move at night a lot less. highly recommend.
  • Brooke Van Norman Confirmed

    From: Baton Rouge, La
    5 Stars

    Love love love this bed!

    I’ve never had better sleep. My only issue is the night vision data won’t work. But that’s such a minor issue for a bed that’s enabled me to sleep pain free for the first time in 10 years!
  • David Murphy Confirmed

    From: Texas
    5 Stars

    Restful nights sleep

    The bed is the best. Continually adjust to your every movement
  • Robert Mayfield Confirmed

    From: WA
    5 Stars

    the people are amazing

    the people are amazing and will help u with everything u need to know be for u get ur bed I have not got the bed yet but im am so excited to get it
  • Eleonora Confirmed

    From: Pennsylvania
    5 Stars

    What an amazing bed !

    I never sleep so well in my all life!
  • Salvatore Pellerito Confirmed

    From: PA
    5 Stars

    Amazing bed

    I really love my new mattress 😍. It is really comfortable and I sleep like a baby 👶

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