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  • Jamie Schanda Confirmed

    From: Rogers AR
    5 Stars

    We love our ReST bed!

    This bed is amazing! It has really helped my hip pain and my husband's back pain. The app does need some work, however that isn't a deal breaker because once you find your setting you rarely have to use the app. We would recommend ReST to all of our friends and family!
  • V E Confirmed

    From: Eastern colorado
    5 Stars

    Rough delivery, worth it

    Deliver was rough bc we live in a rural area, I’m not sure they can do much about private delivery truck and incompetent delivery ppl. We love the bed. It took awhile to get it adjusted for us. Learning curve was time consuming.
  • Steve Anderson Confirmed

    From: Loveland, CO
    5 Stars

    Amazing Bed, but....

    First, I'm a techy guy. I love gadgets, home automation, and tweaking with stuff. My wife and I decided to splurge on a pretty pricey mattress compared to a traditional mattress for the adjustability and "smartness" of the mattress, and it certainly has not disappointed. This bed can be easy to setup by putting into "Automatic" mode for those that are not into tech, or it can be highly customizable by either using a "Position" mode or a "Manual" mode. I will say that the first week of sleeping was not necessarily the best night of sleep we've ever had. I felt much better then our previous Temperpedic mattress, however my wife woke up with worse back pain. This is where the best part of this mattress comes in. We continued to adjust the very simple "Automatic" mode softness dial and within a couple nights she is having awesome nights of sleep. In summary, this bed is Amazing, but it might take a few nights of sleep to fine tune what works best for your body. Certainly worth the money, and I can't wait to see how this mattress does over time. I suspect it will be great as we get older to continue slight adjustments. If anything ever goes bad, we can always replace the components...AMAZING!
  • Marshall Gladstone Confirmed

    From: Alamogordo, NM
    5 Stars

    The bed of the future!

    It just seems to know exactly when to adjust an area on automatic when I start to have any discomfort at all. Truly a magical bed!!!
  • Sal Corino Confirmed

    From: Hacketstown/NJ
    5 Stars

    So Comfortable

    I tried the Bed and it is the best REST I have have tried. I look forward to getting the word out REST is here.
  • Amber Shelton Confirmed

    From: Delaware
    3 Stars

    A little tricky

    This is a great company with amazing customer service. However, we did not enjoy the bed. We found the app a bit tricky to navigate to find what was right for us. We trialed the bed for a couple weeks and found that we were both waking up multiple times a night to adjust the settings. It was not a good fit for us but we have heard numerous success stories.
  • Joseph Hart Confirmed

    From: Nashville, TN
    5 Stars

    Great Bed

  • Amy Schellenberger Confirmed

    From: Earl Park, IN
    5 Stars

    Loving this bed!

    We were thinking of getting a Sleep Number and my husband was looking on the internet. He found the ReST. So glad he did!
  • Jeff Roskey Confirmed

    From: Indianapolis,IN
    5 Stars

    The solution for back pain

    I always used to deal with troubling back pain. Nothing too bad like some deal with, but enough that it would make getting up in the morning unpleasant. I’d have to take a hot shower to work out the stiffness. Since getting the REST bed, those issues have disappeared. The technology is really good and installation wasn’t as bad as I feared. The only issue is their WiFi connection on the units is weak, and you have to reconnect often to see or interact with the bed. This is slowly getting better with app updates, but the pump itself probably needs to be improved with the WiFi radio. Small issue besides, I’d recommend this bed.
  • Lawrence Schellenberger Confirmed

    From: Indiana
    5 Stars

    Nice Bed

    Best sleep in months for us. I must say the store owner where we purchased should be awarded something for his communication, follow up and support.

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