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  • Robert Andresen Confirmed

    From: Graysville, TN
    4 Stars

    Testing stage

    Received bed only a few weeks ago so we are still in the "testing stage". Experimenting with all the different settings/features. The memory foam is pretty comfy! The air pumps are a little noisier than anticipated and am disappointed that the tablets are no longer provided with the beds.
  • william panzer Confirmed

    From: Suwanee, GA
    5 Stars

    Great Bed & Great Customer Service

    We have been using our split king bed for 18 months and what a difference it has made. This bed replaced our Sleep Number bed and we will never go back. The whole purchase experience was great. LLoyd explained all of the features, followed up from order through delivery, and made sure we were completely satisfied. I highly recommend the product and the team behind it.
  • Jenny Martin Confirmed

    From: Williamsburg, Va
    5 Stars

    At last one we can keep!

    We tried six competitors before I could convince my husband to spend the money on this bed. We haven’t had a thought about trying any other brands. Only complaint I have is that I wish we got the head adjustable bed. My husband loves to adjust the settings differently every night. He said “how else am I to know which setting I like the best!”
  • Robert Bermick Confirmed

    From: Chelsea, MI
    4 Stars

    Great Bed!

    My wife and I love this bed when it works! We've had this bed for over a year now and it's the best bed we've ever owned but occasionally when we lose power, that causes issues with the pump syncing back with the tablet and we wake up hurting. It's easy enough to fix manually, I just wish it would reconnect on its own. We Love how customizable it is and it works great with our power lift base. The people at Rest Bed are great too! Never had a problem contacting em, very easy to work with. I would recommend this bed!!!!
  • John Tan Confirmed

    From: New York, NY
    5 Stars


    Love this bed. I've been searching for the perfect mattress for so long; this is as close as it can get. Very customizable and comfortable in any setting.
  • Austin Wilson Confirmed

    From: Bend, OR
    4 Stars

    A lot to Love!

    After 15yrs on tempurpedic and before that, a sleep number, we were really hesitant to go to a bed like ReST, but with the automatic air chamber management system, we have never slept better.
  • Manny & Angela Confirmed

    From: New Jersey
    5 Stars

    Amazing bed!

    We purchased the split king option. It is fantastic and made a huge difference in the quality of our sleep. Best bed ever - highly recommend!
  • Andrew Zakharov Confirmed

    From: Vancouver WA
    4 Stars

    Almost perfect... And I'm asking for a lot!

    The 5 chamber design allows this mattress to be what no other mattress on the market could possibly be. No matter the price of the mattress, every other mattress has the same issue: it's either firm and supportive or it is soft and your butt sinks. This mattress gives you the miracle ability to get softer and yet still support your body entirely. If you have sensitive skin and if you're looking for a mattress that will accommodate that, I recommend this for you. That said, you will likely need to use a soft topper along with the mattress for best results (if you have sensitive skin or if you're bed bound). The reason I cannot give this mattress a five-star rating is only because of the electronics. The mattress tends to disconnect from my phone and lose connection and that is quite frustrating (I have a modern Google Pixel phone). If you can live with some bugs in the connection between the phone and the mattress, this mattress is absolutely wonderful as far as comfort is concerned.
  • Darrell Confirmed

    From: New Jersey
    5 Stars

    Best bed ever

    Love the versatility and comfort of changing each side to your preference. Very comfortable and wake up feeling rejuvenated
  • gary depue Confirmed

    From: bend oregon
    5 Stars

    great bed

    had a sleep number for years ,bought the rest bed and now I sleep sounder, longer, more refreshed

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