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  • Dominick Z Confirmed

    From: Fort Myers
    5 Stars

    Amazing Nights Sleep

    I can not say enough about how great this bed is. The added bonus is the Night Vision which really helps with analyzing sleep cycles.
  • Jonathan Dones Confirmed

    From: Jersey City,Nj
    5 Stars

    What an amazing bed!!

    I love this bed some much.
  • Kim Borges Confirmed

    From: CA
    5 Stars

    Still Loving It

    After having this bed for 2 years I can say it is still so comfortable and gives me a much better quality sleep than all my previous beds!
  • Tammy Ammenheuser Confirmed

    From: NY
    5 Stars

    Restbed and bedjet

    Absutely love both the bed and the bedjet. I have never slept so good.
  • Shelley W Confirmed

    From: Sugar Land, TX
    5 Stars

    Best sleep ever

    I used to have a Tempur-Pedic mattress which I thought was the most comfortable sleep but the ReST Bed is now my favorite. I adjust regularly depending on how I want to sleep and it is so simple by using app.
  • Robert Mason Confirmed

    From: Canyon Lake, CA
    5 Stars

    Buckle Up.

    I laid down for the first night and when I woke up it was a 10 years later. Everyone seemed to have aged except for me. I never felt so refreshed. I walked into my kitchen and found a strange woman with two small children. I went to speak and out came a burst of Japanese. To my amazement, I could suddenly speak 4 different languages. After some conversation with the woman, it turns out I have a wife and a couple of kids. Good thing I feel 10 years younger because apparently I’m gonna have to raise thee rugrats. Thanks ReST. (I think?).
  • Sean Mercado Confirmed

    From: Oakland, CA
    5 Stars

    Perfect for the cold weather and aching bones.

    Feel like you're high above the clouds. EVERY.NIGHT. Not as noisy as I imagined and the smartest bed I know!
  • Richard Confirmed

    From: Jacksonville Beach FL
    5 Stars

    Simply the Best!

    Pro: Comparing ReST with Sleep Number, "ReST is Best!" for comfort, technology and price. Self set-up took 15 minutes once the mattress was placed on the platform bedframe. Con: The massage function is a bit noisy and not very effective. I would recommend this product notwithstanding this lackluster feature.
  • Al Confirmed

    From: WA
    5 Stars

    Great Nights Sleep

    Finally, no more morning back ache.
  • Adam Merritt Confirmed

    From: Cookeville, TN
    4 Stars

    Back pain gone

    I have had trouble sleeping for several years, so when it came time to replace my 10 year old mattress, I knew it was time to get something different. I suffered from both back pain when waking up and constant tossing/turning. It took me a few weeks to figure out where I needed to set my rest bed (way firmer than I would have guessed at 35), but my back pain is gone. For that reason, I am keeping it. Sadly, I still toss and turn a lot, which I hoped the bed would help with as well, but overall I'm still glad I bought it.

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