For Athletes

Recover from Your Athletic Lifestyle with the ReST Bed™


Improved Circulation

The ReST Bed™’s patented fabric senses your unique shape and pressure profile – and then tells the surface to respond accordingly. This promotes better circulation, which increases the amount of oxygen the muscles get. That’s an important contributor to recovery.

Customized Support

The ReST Bed™ is the best mattress for muscle recovery, because the technology allows you to customize your Head, Shoulder, Lumbar, Hips, and Legs. If, for example, your hips are sore from a hard run that day, you can soften just that zone of the mattress.



The ReST Bed™’s Sleep Skin surface is cool to the touch and breathable. Below the Sleep Skin is 4” of gel-infused memory foam, which also provides a cool, comfortable pressure-relieving and temperature controlling surface.

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Peace of Mind

The ReST Bed™ Guarantee.

Your bed for life – The ReST Bed™ is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee trial period as well as an industry leading 10 year non-prorated warranty. Our modular design means you never have to buy another mattress again.

Modular Components

Pressure-sensing fabric


Air Chambers