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Recover from Your Athletic Lifestyle with the ReST Bed™


Improved Circulation

The ReST Bed™’s patented fabric senses your unique shape and pressure profile – and then tells the surface to respond accordingly. This promotes better circulation, which increases the amount of oxygen the muscles get. That’s an important contributor to recovery.

Customized Support

The ReST Bed™ is the best mattress for muscle recovery, because the technology allows you to customize your Head, Shoulder, Lumbar, Hips, and Legs. If, for example, your hips are sore from a hard run that day, you can soften just that zone of the mattress.



The ReST Bed™’s Sleep Skin surface is cool to the touch and breathable. Below the Sleep Skin is 4” of gel-infused memory foam, which also provides a cool, comfortable pressure-relieving and temperature controlling surface.

You Don’t Have to be an Award-Winning Athlete to Appreciate Recovery.

The best mattress for athletes is the ReST Bed. The ReST Bed is a premium smart mattress that delivers the targeted support and comfort athletes need for optimal physical and mental recovery. 

The ReST Bed helps athletes calibrate and customize their sleep atmosphere each night. You already personalize your diet and workouts to meet your athletic goals, why not customize your sleep? The ReST Bed allows you to change its firmness settings in five targeted zones, ensuring you get the support you need regardless of body type, season or recovery status. 

Just as you measure your performance after each match or competition, ReST Bed’s sleep app allows you to track your sleep metrics. These powerful tools allow athletes to optimize the most important part of their day: sleep. When you get better sleep, your recovery time is shortened and your reaction times are at their peak. 

Finally, athletes tend to have higher body temperatures, which can lead to difficulty sleeping. The ReST Bed features a Purple Grid™ comfort layer with open air channels for maximum breathability.

There isn’t an exact mattress thickness that is best for athletes. The most important consideration is that a mattress provides proper support and spinal alignment to promote optimal posture, recovery, and relief. 

It’s true that many athletes need a thicker mattress. This is due to the fact that many athletes participate in bodybuilding exercises, which means they weigh more than the average person. When you weigh more, you need a thicker mattress for extra support. 

If you’re an athlete in an average weight range, you’ll find that a mattress thickness of at least nine inches is more than enough. The best mattress for athletes should also have a comfort layer that is at least two inches thick.  

If you’re on the bulkier side, you’ll want a thicker mattress with a thicker comfort layer. People who weight more than average risk compressing thinner comfort layers. This puts presser on the denser mattress layer below, which can aggravate pressure points and cause aches and pains. For this reason, we recommend a mattress that is at least 11 inches or more with either a three-inch comfort layer or a comfort layer and transition layer combo. 

The ReST Bed was made for athletic bodies. It is 13 inches thick and features a four-inch Purple Grid™ comfort layer. The supportive grid layer suspends bodies of all sizes in zero-gravity comfort, making it the best mattress for muscular athletes. The Purple Grid™ also provides perfect spinal alignment and no-pressure support for recovery. 

Sleeping position will influence your athletic mattress needs more than you think. Your preferred sleeping position changes the way your spine relaxes as you sleep, which means your mattress needs to adapt to your sleep style or you risk the tension, pressure, and pain that comes with poor spinal alignment.

Most beds do not cater to all sleep positions. A firmer mattress is good for stomach sleepers and back sleepers, while a softer mattress is ideal for side sleepers.

Unfortunately, most sleepers are combination sleepers, which means most of us sleep in multiple sleep positions every night.

The ReST Bed solves this problem with its adjustable support zones. When you change your sleeping position, the bed automatically changes its firmness to accommodate your comfort. 

For example, when you lie on your back, the ReST Bed adjusts to a firmer setting to keep your spine from bowing or arching. When you turn to your side, it becomes softer so your hips and shoulders are hugged by the Purple Grid™, keeping your spine and neck tension-free.

When you’re picking the best mattress for athletes, you need to look for more than just a good night’s sleep. Athletes need features that promote recovery and improve muscle conditioning. Overall, the mattress should be designed with a backbone of sports health and wellness

Some of the key features athletes should look for in a mattress include: 

  • Adjustable Firmness: Athletes’ bodies have different needs depending on the day and season. Adjustable firmness allows for optimal sleep in any position. You can use the ReST Bed app to adjust the mattress firmness on both sides of the bed.  
  • Adjustable Targeted Support Zones: After an injury or grueling day at the gym, the best mattress for sports recovery allows you to adjust the firmness for each specific area of the body. The only mattress that allows you to do this is the ReST Bed. Its five adjustable support zones allow you to customize the firmness for your head, shoulders, lumbar, hips, and legs.
  • Temperature Control: Athletes tend to sleep hotter and sweat more than other people. They need a mattress with cooling materials like gel memory foam, celliant technology, or the Purple Grid™. The ReST Bed is topped with the Purple Grid™, one of the coolest innovations in sleep technology. It’s composed entirely of open channels for uninhibited airflow with hyper-elastic material that is temperature neutral. 
  • Motion Isolation: Waking up throughout the night is bad for anyone, but it’s especially tough on athletes who need to bring their A game. Motion isolation limits the movement you feel from your partner, allowing you to sleep through the night without interruptions. 

The ReST Bed’s Purple Grid™ comfort layer has a reputation for low motion transfer while maintaining a comfy bounce. 

  • Spinal Support: Proper rest and recovery starts with the spine. When you sleep with your spine aligned, pressure melts from your muscles and joints and your body can truly relax and recharge. This is crucial for athletic bodies. ReST Bed’s contouring Purple Grid™ and automatic support zone adjustments work together to keep your spine aligned no matter how many times you change sleep positions. 
  • Sleep Metrics (app): The best mattress for athletes will help you improve your sleep just like you improve your athletic performance: by measuring your progress and setting goals. With sleep metrics from the ReST Bed app, you can measure your sleep time, body temperature, sleep position, and more. This allows you to optimize your sleep, which elevates performance and reduces recovery time.  

Athletes need a bed that can adjust to their bodies. For this reason, we recommend an adjustable mattress like ReST Bed.

When your body is your most important resource, it’s important to pick a mattress that not only supports it, but also enhances it. You need a mattress that adjusts to your body’s needs. This is why the ReST Bed is the best mattress for athletes. It’s the only mattress with five adjustable support zones on each side. You can even set the bed to automatically adjust as you sleep. 

You might think you’re OK with getting “good enough” sleep on a different mattress, but they all have their disadvantages. Just compare mattresses below:

    • Memory Foam Mattress: Foam mattresses are known for their plush, contouring comfort. They provide decent support, but they are also known for sleeping hot due to decreased ventilation. 


  • Innerspring Mattress: A pocketed coil bed is typically much better at temperature regulation than memory foam. It can also be supportive, depending on its comfort layer. However, if you’ve ever slept on a coil mattress, you know that they are bouncy and offer limited motion isolation. 


    • Latex Mattress: Latex foam is cooler than memory foam and has great contouring comfort. Unfortunately, latex mattresses don’t deliver the cool comfort of an innerspring bed or the Purple Grid™.


  • Hybrid Mattress: A hybrid mattress is a combination of an innerspring mattress base and a comfort layer of another mattress type, such as memory foam. Hybrids are known for their advanced support and comfort. While they bring the “best of both worlds” to your mattress, they also bring the limitations of their respective materials. 



The best mattress firmness for a particular athlete depends on their sleep position, weight, and body type. It can also depend on their recovery needs, the time of year, and their fitness goals. 

For these reasons, the best firm mattress for athletes is a smart bed with adjustable firmness settings, like the ReST Bed.

If you’re serious about fitness, you need a bed that adjusts to your body’s needs. The ReST Bed is the only sports mattress with smart technology that detects your sleeping position and calibrates its firmness as you sleep. 

Whether you’re a petite figure skater or a 6’6” bodybuilder, ReST Bed will adjust to the ideal firmness level for your body. The ReST Bed has five support zones on each side of the bed, so athletes and their partners can enjoy a fully customized sleep experience.  

At times, athletes need extra support after a competition or injury. For example, your hips might need a tension release after a tough run. You can use the ReST Bed app to manually adjust and save firmness settings in each zone to give your body the precise support it needs. 

Pro athletes know that sleep is crucial to performance. That’s why they choose beds that improve muscle recovery, reduce inflammation, and improve sleep quality. Getting deep sleep all night and waking up without pressure and tension can be a literal game-changer.

Many world-class athletes choose ReST Bed for its targeted support, temperature regulation, and wellness technology. 

The growing list of ReST Ambassadors includes:

  • Andy Potts — Ironman World Champion and Olympian
  • Sasha Diguilian — World Champion Climber
  • Keon Broxton —  Professional Baseball Player for the New York Mets

A mattress can have a huge impact on athletic performance. In fact, most pro athletes consider sleep to be an essential part of their training. 

Tennis legend Roger Federer once said, “If I don’t sleep 11-12 hours a day, it’s not right.”

Athletes need at least 10 hours of sleep for proper recovery, meaning the best of the best are spending nearly half of their day in bed!

Your mattress will influence the following aspects of your athletic performance:

  • Reaction time
  • Motor skills
  • Risk of injury
  • Recovery time
  • Stress management

From the stress before the big match to the core function of your muscles, your mattress makes a big difference when it comes to athletic performance. That’s why it’s so important to choose the best mattress for athletes.

The ReST Bed is not only recommended by Olympians and world champion athletes around the world, but it has also been ranked #1 by Sleep Retailer Magazine and 

There is no better mattress for recovery, comfort, and support for athletes. 

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