Using ReST’s patented AI Inside™ smart bed technology, NightVision™ is an always-on Sleep Quality Monitor™ that collects and reports sleep data derived from real-time respiration and body movement.

NightVision™ is superior to other sleep tracking solutions because it measures respiration rate and body movement directly.

ReST© Score

A snapshot of your previous night’s sleep, ReST©’s AI Inside™ technology aggregates all of your sleep data into one easy to understand score, on a scale of 0-100.

Restless Movements

Gain a better understanding of how often you move throughout the night. ReST©’s patented pressure mapping technology accurately tracks every movement you make during the night.

Sleep Stages

Receive by the minute analysis of your sleep stages. This accurate breakdown, night after night, is made possible by ReST©’s AI Inside™ and industry leading sleep technology.

Breaths Per Minute

ReST©’s AI Inside™ technology accurately measures your breaths per minute, providing you yet another accurate snapshot of your overall sleep health.

Sleep Positions

You may know what position you tend to fall asleep in, but then what? Finally, you’ll have a full understanding of your sleep positions thanks to ReST©’s AI Inside™ technology. Our industry leading sleep technology accurately tracks every movement you make during the night.

REM Analysis

Brain activity is at its highest point during REM sleep, making it the most important sleep cycle. With the ability to measure body movement and respiration, ReST©’s AI Inside™ technology provides deeper insight into your REM cycles than any other sleep tracking solution available on the market. 

NightVision’s™ other benefits are:

  • No wearable device or hardware add-ons to the mattress required. 
  • NightVision™ is always-on w/no battery to maintain.
  • NightVision™ does not require any training period where the user gets no data for days/weeks. You’ll begin to see data after your first night’s sleep.
  • No app proximity requirements to the mattress. You don’t need to have the app open or your phone near you for NightVision™ to work. 
  • Because NightVision™ uses the patented pressure sensing technology that is already part of a ReST Bed™, there is no additional cost.
  • NightVision™ data can be accessed remotely when not at home.

NightVision™ is HIPAA compliant and stored on the Azure (Microsoft) cloud.  NightVision™ can be turned off at any time.  NightVision™ does not make any medical claims and is not a substitute for a medical professional.”

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Our mission is to improve lives through better, smarter sleep technology. Making an investment in quality sleep is an important decision, and we strive to make it affordable and accessible to everyone.

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