Easy Setup

The ‘ReST Bed™ App’ is free and easy to download on any iOS or Android device. Within minutes you will be connected to your bed and can begin configuring the best sleep of your life!


Connecting to your ReST Bed™

Direct Connection

Control your bed through the ReST Bed™’s own WiFi signal

Network Connection

Route the ReST Bed™’s WiFi signal through your own network for uninterrupted control of your personal device

Manual Mode

Allows for Individual control of each independent body zone – head, shoulders, lumbar, hips, legs. Firmer, softer, somewhere in between… you decide in Manual Mode. With multiple memory settings, you can make targeted adjustments at any time without losing your default settings.

Automatic Mode

Leave it up to the ReST Bed™’s AI Inside™ algorithms to determine what adjustments to need to be made throughout the night to keep you comfortable. These adjustments occur separately in each of the individual body zones, and there’s no limits as to how often they occur. It depends entirely on your unique pressure profile and how often it changes during the night.

Position Mode

This mode is ideal for back and side sleepers. A mix between Manual and Automatic Modes, Position Mode allows you to preset custom firmness settings for your back and your side. The bed knows when you’re in one of the two position based on your pressure profile, and it will adjust the firmness according to your pre-determined settings.

Take a peek into your sleep health using ReST’s Sleep Quality Monitor™. Using ReST’s AI Inside™, NightVision is able to provide the most comprehensive and accurate sleep tracking system on the market.
Sleep Quality Monitor™ by
ReST payment options

Our mission is to improve lives through better, smarter sleep technology. Making an investment in quality sleep is an important decision, and we strive to make it affordable and accessible to everyone.

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