The ReST Smart Bed™ with the Purple Grid™

Senses pressure. Automatically responds. Customizable support for five individual body zones. Soft and supportive. Comfortably cool.

No compromise with multiple different comfort zones

Total customization with three modes of operation

Automatically adjusts to meet your needs

10 year full warranty on all parts and components

NightVision™: Innovative Sleep Quality Monitor™ 

Automatically senses & adjusts to your body.

Manual Mode

Targeted, customized and 100% all about your comfort. Change support for five separate zones of your body: head, shoulders, lumbar, hips and legs. Memory locks the setting until you choose to change it.

Auto Position Mode

No remote controls to change during the night – position-based comfort, fully customized, without waking up. Provides unique memory settings for back and side support. As you shift during the night, the bed automatically detects your current position and will instantly adjust to that pre-set support.

Automatic Mode

Simple, effortless and smart. Empowers you with the ultimate tool –Select your preferred level of support and fall asleep, the bed will do all the work automatically for you – like a fairy godmother tending to your every pressure relief need throughout the night.

What’s in the ReST Bed™ with the Purple Grid™?

Modular design and interchangeable components make this a bed for life.

Sleep Skin

 Performance cooling fabric similar to athletic clothing material tops the mattress, in a full removable and machine-washable cover to ensure a temperate and refreshed sleep.

Smart Sensor

Scientifically designed anti-microbial knit blend fabric form ~1000 data point grid per side of the bed. The undetectable, flexible sensor delivers your unique pressure data to the pump and connected app.

True Comfort Innovation:
The Purple Grid™

The only comfort innovation that is instantly soft where you want it, firm where you need it, and comfortably cool all night.

Air chambers

Five individual medical-grade polyurethane air chambers. This highly resilient material and RF welded seams prevent any slow air leaks.

rest bed app

Our cloud based app can be downloaded on the Google Play and Apple App stores for use with your iOS or Android personal device. 

Want a ReST Bed™ with Purple Grid™ for yourself?

Peace of Mind

The ReST Bed™ Guarantee.

Your bed for life – The ReST Bed™ is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee trial period as well as an industry leading 10 year non-prorated warranty. Our modular design means you never have to buy another mattress again.

Modular Components

Pressure-sensing fabric


Air Chambers

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