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The ReST Bed is known to help with a number of conditions.

As a former collegiate and national level swimmer, health, wellbeing, andfitness are priorities in my life-and sleep is integral to all of those. The level ofpersonalization The ReST Bed provides is especially important tome because I also havescoliosis, and I know the amount of support I need is probably different than the averageperson and is going to change over time. No matter what position I sleep in (usually my sideand stomach), I know the bed is making the right adjustments to optimize my recovery.

Customer Spotlight

Lisa Bero

Atlanta, GA

Known use cases of
conditions aided by the ReST Bed*

Autoimmune diseases
Degenerative Disc Disease
Muscle strains and sprains

Acute injuries
Herniated discs

Muscle strains and sprains
Rheumatoid arthritis
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
Spinal stenosis

*The ReST Bed will not cure or prevent any disease, disorder, or condition.
Please consult a physician for proper treatment of any of the conditions listed above.

My husband spent months researching different beds, looking for the right one for us. He has a degenerative disease and is always in pain. He really wanted to find a bed that he would be able to get into a deeper sleep and feel rested and best case scenario, be in less pain! This bed hit every one of those points for us. We are totally in love. Will never own a different bed. Thank you ReST!

McKenzie Nunley

Salt Lake City, UT

Well worth the price for something we'll spend 1/3rd of our life in! Set up went very well and even if your not too tech savvy it's very intuitive. Multi zone adjustment makes this ideal and in a league of it's own. Over even top of the line number beds. As a combat vet with a service related back injury, as well as a recreational ice hockey player and race car driver and my wife a professional horse rider we need that targeted comfort to be able to get after it each and every day.”

Jason Lasher

Blossvale, NY

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