Our mission is to deliver the ultimate sleep experience, improving a third of every person’s life through better, smarter sleep technology.

Sleep is a dynamic event. As our bodies are constantly changing while we go through this thing called life, why not have a bed that can change and adapt with us? Our unique, patented technology is like nothing else in the world. The ReST Bed™ has improved the quality of thousands of our customers’ lives by sensing their unique body pressure and adapting customised pressure relief like nothing else they’ve ever experienced before. You can literally feel the difference overnight, and in the morning you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

The fabric of our technology.

Our proprietary, smart fabric sensor technology, which is woven with special silver thread and a semi-conductive layer, allows The ReST Bed™ to provide real-time automatic functionality unique to how you sleep. Originally designed with medical applications in mind, our pressure sensing technology brings capabilities to consumers, that no other mattress in the world can replicate.

Modular design
& carefully selected materials.

The ReST Bed™ is entirely modular, meaning that if there is ever a problem with one compenent, we can replace it separately without interrupting your sleep routine. Any other company would have to replace the entire bed if just one part was damaged. The likelihood of replacing anything is very small however, as the materials assembled into the ReST Bed™ are tested to medical grade standards.

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