Sleep Technology

The Pump

The Sensor

The ReST Bed App

ReST has a portfolio of over 20 patents – for the smart fabric and the use of sensor data to adjust sleep surfaces.

The Pump

The pump is the result of years of testing and development in a medical grade environment. It features custom boards and processing chips, a state-of-the-art manifold/solenoid system and multiple mini-pumps all while running our custom firmware package, proudly designed and developed by ReST.

Once powered, the pump generates its own Wi-Fi signal, allowing any wireless Android or iOS device to connect to and control the bed via the ReST Bed application.

The ReST sensor continuously collects data across the entire sleeping surface and sends it to the pump. 

It’s then processed in real-time, resulting in AI-powered automatic adjustments that makes ReST Bed™ the smartest bed on the planet.

All of this is done while remaining whisper quiet.

The Sensor

The proprietary, patented sensor features three layers of fabric uniquely designed to capture pressure across the entire sleeping surface, in real time.

The two outer layers of this anti-microbial knit blend features Silver (Ag), which has been molecularly bonded to the cloth in a line pattern.

These lines run in opposite directions on each layer, creating a series of rows and columns, or a pressure grid. This grid is critical for the smart bed to know the precise placement of pressure in relation to the bed’s surface area.

  • Reads 2,000 pressure points on each side of the mattress
  • Soft, elastic, breathable and undetectable to the sleeper
  • Used in medical and industrial products world-wide
  • The only commercialized smart fabric sensor (stretchable, flexible, breathable, mass-produced)

In between these two outer layers is the semi-conductor layer. This fabric layer is treated with a unique chemical formula, or “secret sauce”, which allows the layer to perform the actual “sensing”.

A dedicated team of chemists work around the clock to monitor and improve this formula and it’s sensing capabilities with regard to sensitivity and accuracy.

The combination of all three layers creates the heartbeat that allows the ReST Bed to make automatic adjustments.

The ReST Bed App

The ReST Bed™ application has been proudly designed and developed internally, by ReST.

The app communicates to the ReST Bed’s pumps via a closed Wi-Fi signal. It can be connected through a home router network, or a simple direct connection.

The ReST Bed app also allows users the benefit of soon to come features and compatibility.

The various operating modes

Manual, automatic, or position - make the ReST Bed™ the ultimate choice for individualized comfort. These modes can be controlled through the app.

Manual Mode
Position Mode
Auto Mode

Manually adjust your preferred pressure settings

Legs Hips Lumbar Shoulders Head

Adjusts for side

Adjusts for back

Legs Hips Lumbar Shoulders Head

Senses pressure and adjusts

Legs Hips Lumbar Shoulders Head

Our Facility

Our facility, which produces ReST Bed pumps and sensors, has the following medical-grade certifications.

IEC 60601-1
IEC 60601-2

Medical electrical equipment, electromagnetic compatibility requirements

TUV Certification No. U8 071797
General Medical Devices, Pressure Mat

EC Certification, Intertek
Production Quality Assurance

ISO 13485
Quality Management System

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