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Press/Media from 2019

ReST Smart Bed Becomes Smarter Through Partnership with BedJet, Temperature Regulation Innovator 

Now you can combine two one-of-a-kind sleep technologies to create the ultimate smart sleep experience.  


ReST Smart Bed Review

See what No Sleepless Nights had to say about the ReST Smart Bed.

ReST Smart Bed – Inflated Comfort for the Price?

See what the Sleep Sherpa had to say about the ReST Smart Bed.

ReST Bed vs. Sleep Number i10 Review

“ReST customers appear overwhelmingly happy with their purchase, with most stating that even though the price was steep, they have never slept better!”

ReST – The Tesla of Mattresses You Can Actually Afford

“A ReST Bed is a premium product and is priced accordingly, but, by partnering with Splitit, they are able to offer zero interest payments for up to 36 months.”

Sypno Tech Reviews the ReST Smart Bed

“One month later, I can honestly say that I feel that I have been sleeping sounder. I find my back hurting less, waking up feeling less achy, and really feeling comfortable when I get into bed.”

Mashable Names The ReST Bed as a ‘Top Sleep Gadget’

The tech centric website lists The ReST Bed as the top product of 8 sleep tech gadgets that help you get through the night.

Siri Lindley Discusses the Importance of Sleep

World Champion athlete and ReST ambassador, Siri Lindley, discusses the importance of sleep on an athlete’s recovery process.

ReST Performance plans first retail location in Atlanta Discusses the ReST Bed

HYPEPOTAMUS ‘This AI Powered Mattress Could Give You the Best Sleep Ever’

ReST Partners with Major League Soccer Champion Julian Gressel

The ReST Bed and Timeshifter Win National Sleep Foundation SleepTech Awards

Men’s Health Includes The ReST Bed™ in their 2019 Sleep Awards

January 2019: Responsive Surface Technology, LLC announced the closing of $3.2 million of additional funding

As the company expands, ReST aims to maintain its position as a world-leading Smart Bed and sleep technology innovator.

January 2019: ReST named #1 in Sleep Retailer Magazine (upcoming market guide)

ReST named #1 in Editor’s Picks in the upcoming Sleep Retailer Magazine market guide. Our new RISE diagnostic system was specifically mentioned and praised as the latest in comfort testing technology. “…Designed for easy in-store demonstration, the [RISE] system makes it easy for RSAs to match their customers to their ideal bed. RISE not only factors in the customer’s chosen comfort preferences and support needs, but actively adjusts in real time when they lay down on the bed – simulating different firmness and support levels…”

Dr. Michael Breus, Renowned Sleep Doctor, Highlights The ReST Bed™ as ‘His Favorite’ from the 2019 Sleep Show

The ReST Bed™ Awarded the 2019 Sleep Tech Award

The ReST Bed™ takes home the most coveted prize in the NSF’s inaugural sleep show.​

The ReST Bed™ Named ‘Best Adjustable Bed’ by

February 2019: ReST Bed Review, the Bed of the Future?

Check out our latest review by J and J reviews. Watch the full video or read their review here. Hint, they agree, our smart bed is changing the way you sleep!

January 2019: Responsive Surface Technology, an Atlanta-based smart bed and sleep tech company, has closed $3.2M of additional funding, plans West Midtown store

The funding was raised from two Invest Atlanta-affiliated programs, the Atlanta Advantage Loan Fund and New Markets Tax Credit financing. The capital will be used to expand the company’s marketing and research efforts, and help it open its first company-owned store in West Midtown.

Press/Media from 2018

November 2018: Jill Thompson writes In-Depth ReST Bed Review

“ReST Bed’s smart technology should allow customers to customize comfort level and optimize pressure relief and support. 

Oct 2018: Mansion Global (owned by Dow Jones) lists ReST Bed™ in “Guide to High Tech Beds”

The guide describes the ReST Bed as “the perfect bed for those who make the most of their waking hours.” It further states the “smart bed that will automatically adjust firmness as you slumber to ensure optimal support and comfort. And while this level of constant comfort is admirable, the ReST recognizes that each body and its needs—especially those of the physically active—are different and the intelligent bed also offers its users complete customization… allowing them to build the perfect bed for their body, because, like snowflakes, no two sleepers are exactly the same.” 

July 2018: ReST Bed™ listed as #1 in ‘Six Best Smart Mattresses’ list by awarded the ReST Bed the best idea in their smart mattress category. They cover smart technology for the home, travel, entertainment and self categories, helping consumers understand how to ‘live smarter’.Their overview lists the ReST Bed as “incredibly comprehensive. If you’re looking for “the works” where a smart mattress is concerned, this would likely be your pick.”

July 2018: ReST Bed™ listed as #2 ‘Top 30 Most Innovative Mattress Companies’ by Online Mattress Review

Online Mattress Review writes about mattress businesses meeting the challenge of standing out from the crowd – flexing their creative muscles and demonstrating the ingenuity of their wares through state-of-the-art materials and groundbreaking technology. Even better, many of these improvements have been engineered to make the goal of a good night’s sleep all the more attainable – and that’s where this list comes in. Listed at #2 ReST Performance and the ReST Bed beat out behemoths Purple, Tempurpedic, and Kingsdown for innovation based on our real-time adjustments, fine-tune control, and individually tailored experience.

June 2018: ReST Bed™ listed as #1 ‘Sleep Tech That Gives Consumers the Beauty Sleep That They Deserve’

Beauty Matter writes about innovative sleep technology and how a tech-free bedroom will soon be a recommendation of the past. Writing about CES 2018 technology start-ups, Beauty Matters includes the ReST Bed as it enables consumers to adjust the mattress support according to their unique body needs. 

May 2018: PatienTech and its Affiliate, Responsive Surface Technology (ReST), Announces Growth Financing Agreement with Decathlon Capital Partners

PatienTech and its affiliate, Responsive Surface Technology (ReST), announced a seven-figure investment package from Decathlon Capital Partners. The new capital will be used to fuel growth of the company’s patented smart bed products and technology, launch new products and establish partnerships for additional distribution channels.

February 2018: Hammacher Schlemmer Introduces The Only Responsive Smart Bed

Continuing its 170-year history of offering the Best, the Only and the Unexpected, Hammacher Schlemmer introduces The Only Responsive Smart Bed, a bed that uses sleep technology to help alleviate back pain and other aches by monitoring your sleeping position and automatically responding with your desired amount of support. 

January 2018: Responsive Surface Technology, LLC Receives Funding Through Invest Atlanta Programs

“We are excited to have received additional funding through Invest Atlanta,” said Lloyd Sommers, General Manager of ReST.

Oct 2018: Sleepopolis writes about professional athletes teaming up with sleep brands, not for paid sponsorships but for quality sleep and improved performance

“Professional athletes are realizing sleep is not a tradeoff for working hard — sleep is just as, if not more important, than training…. Startups can’t pay [athletes] like Tom Brady what they’re used to…athletes signing with startups is a testament to the products they are building.” The article cites ReST’s partnership with crossfit star, Kari Pearce, as an example of one of these relationships. 

Oct 2018: HOM Furniture partners with ReST for new smart sales model using ReST Bed™

HOM ranks as one of the nation’s largest furniture retailers. By adding the ReST Bed™ to its product line in all 15 of its upper Midwest store locations, HOM will be offering the leading smart bed technology in the region. The unique technology within the ReST Bed™ allows sales associates to simulate varying feels and comfort levels, providing customers with confidence that they will purchase the ideal sleep solution for their personal needs. The ReST Bed’s™ patented fabric senses the sleeper’s unique shape and pressure profile – and then uses that data to ensure that the surface automatically responds to improve spinal alignment and head-to-toe support.

“We are very excited to display and offer The ReST Bed™, the ‘Smartest Smart Bed’ at each of our Sleep Express showrooms,” said Dan Murphy, Senior Buyer, Bedding at HOM Furniture. “We will now be able to offer a technologically advanced product which will adapt automatically to each sleeper for maximum comfort and weight disbursement.”

July 2018: ReST Bed™ makes top 2018 furniture edit by smart home curators The Ambient.

The Ambient, a site focused on technology for the latest smart home, lists the ReST Bed as the mattress of choice amongst multiple available IoT technologies. Alongside other products that made debuts at CES, the ReST Bed offers the ability to monitor your shape and pressure profile, automatically adjusting the firmness in real time as you sleep, so you’ll wake up feeling refreshed. The ReST Bed will come as a welcome addition to the bedroom for anyone who has trouble getting comfy at night or those prone to a touch of insomnia. 

June 2018: US smart-bed player ReST and Hilding Anders announce strategic partnership by launching smart bed solution in Europe, Russia & Asia

ReST Responsive Surface Technology, LLC (“ReST”), the US-based provider of the most globally innovative smart bed solution, has entered into a strategic partnership with Hilding Anders, the leading bedding and mattress group in Europe, Russia and Asia. Hilding Anders presented a first demo version of the product at the Bico relaunch fair in Schänis, Switzerland, on Sunday June 24, 2018. Bico is the market leading bed brand in Switzerland. Along with the license agreement, Hilding Anders also gained a 25% stake in ReST, giving Hilding Anders its first footprint in the US mattress and bedding market. Rob Golden, Founder and CEO of ReST: ReST is excited to partner with Hilding Anders to provide the most advanced smart bed technology to customers in major markets around the world. The need to advance sleep quality has never been greater and a smart bed that senses the sleeper and adjusts in real time is the best solution. ReST looks forward to creating the leading smart bed in the world with Hilding Anders. 

April 2018: Rating and Review of ReST Bed by Kamil Spark of Mattress Matchers

ReSTBed is a smart-bed made in the USA. It’s fitted with sensors that respond to you as you sleep adjusting the firmness and giving pressure relief for an amazing nights sleep. 

February 2018: SleepTech: Technology That Comes to Bed With You

Check out what our General Manager and Sleep Expert, Lloyd Sommers had to say about Sleep Technology in an interview with L’Atelier BNP Paribas.

January 2018: Denver Mattress Company Expands Relationship with ReST

Denver Mattress Company (“Denver Mattress”) is pleased to announce that it has increased by fifty percent the number of stores selling the ReST Bed™ from sleep technology innovator, Responsive Surface Technology, LLC (“ReST”).

Press/Media from 2017

December 2017:ReST Bed Offers Chronic Pain-Sufferers a Good Night’s Sleep

Sanvada write up on the ReST Bed and how it helps chronic pain-sufferers get a good night of sleep. 

October 2017: ReST tops Transformative Technology (TransTech) 200 Key Innovators List 2017

TransTech 200 is the annual list of the key innovators who are driving technology for mental and emotional wellbeing forward. The list is open to both individuals and organizations who are making significant contributions via Transformative Technology research, creation, and/or distribution. Read the full list here.

August 2017: ReST was featured on Ted and Stacy’s Mattress Guides’ review website scoring 4.5 stars.

August 2017: Denver Mattress Company Partners with ReST at IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene.

August 2017: ReST’s Bryant Looper was interviewed on by Eric Holtzclaw on how to launch and grow a new product.

July 2017: ReST Partners with Pro Triathlete Ellie Salthouse.

July 2017: ReST was featured on Venture Beat, as one of the top three AI sleep technologies that will help you have a better night’s sleep.

July 2017: ReST was featured on and Yahoo Finance, as the number one solution to solve couple fights through shopping.

Read the Article on 7 Common Couples Fights That Can Be Solved by Shopping Read the Article on Yahoo: 7 Common Couples Fights That Can Be Solved by Shopping

June 2017: Mattress Clarity, leading mattress review website, calls ReST Bed™ “One of the most technologically advanced mattresses ever created.”

June 2017: ReST featured as an innovation leader in the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) annual report that evaluates all 50 states on how innovation-friendly they are. CTA chose ReST (and only ReST!) to include in their Georgia blurb.

April 2017: ReST Bed™ is featured in The Box’s article on Kari Pearce as one of her top training tips and smart-mattress sleep partner.

April 2017: Miranda Carfrae was featured on LAVA’s Serious Triathlon Podcast, highlighting the ReST Bed™ and it’s technology as a key part of her athletic performance.

Miranda Carfrae Talks about Lifestyle, becoming a Parent and her Future Race Plans

March 2017: ReST Bed™ is featured in Men’s Journal’s article “How to Blow Your Tax Refund” as one of the top gadgets to splurge on when your tax refund comes in this year.

March 2017: “Sleep technology innovator, Responsive Surface Technology, LLC (ReST) has partnered with the “Fittest American Woman” CrossFit athlete, Kari Pearce. As part of her training and recovery, Kari sleeps on a ReST Bed™ which was designed to help athletes sleep better and recover faster.”

February 2017: “Sleep technology innovator Responsive Surface Technology (ReST), the creators of the ReST Bed™, has selected SMACK! Media to help plan and implement strategic marketing, media, public relations and athlete campaigns for 2017.”

December 2017: ReST Bed included in The Future Of Things list of Weight-Loss Technology to Try in 2018

The Future of Things (TFOT) is dedicated to bringing unique and fun content on science, technology, and medicine to the general public. Read the full list of weight-loss technology to try in 2018!

October 2017: SlumberWorld Partners with ReST at IRONMAN World Championship from October 10 – 13

Read the Press Release: SlumberWorld Partners with ReST at IRONMAN World Championship.

September 2017: ReST Bed mentioned on Huffington Post, as one of the technologies offering hope to people living with chronic pain

Obsession with Being Plugged in – Addiction to Chronic Pain

August 2017: ReST featured as one of the top insider tips on IRONMAN recovery from the multiple champion and exercise scientist, Matt Hanson.

Obsession with Being Plugged in – Addiction to Chronic Pain

July 2017: ReST was featured on The Next Web, as the #1 technology for pain relief.

July 2017: ReST was featured on the Barrosofit blog, as the Smart Bed That Adjusts Pressure While You Sleep.

July 2017: ReST partners with pro triathlete, Matt Hanson.

June 2017: ReST was featured on the TRX blog, as part of Kari Pearce’s weekly recover routine.

June 2017: ReST partners with major league baseball player, Keon Broxton.

June 2017: ReST featured in the Daily Burn’s article as one of the top 3 Athlete-Approved Mattresses for Better Sleep and Recovery.

May 2017: Siri Lindley, two-time triathlon world champion and ReST Bed™ advocate, is scheduled to appear at Denver Mattress in Boulder, CO on Sunday June 4th, 2017 from 3pm-5pm.

April 2017: ReST Bed™ is featured in Men’s Fitness’ article “10 products that’ll turn your bedroom into a sleep palace” as the #1 mattress for athletes.

April 2017: “Sleep technology innovator, Responsive Surface Technology, LLC (“ReST”) has partnered with Olympian and multiple time Ironman Champion triathlete, Andy Potts. As part of his training and recovery, Andy sleeps on a ReST Bed™ which was designed to help athletes sleep better and recover faster.”

March 2017: “Denver Mattress Company (“Denver Mattress”) is pleased to announce that it will now be selling the ReST Bed™ from sleep technology innovator, Responsive Surface Technology, LLC (“ReST”), in locations throughout the country.”

February 2017: ReST Bed™ is featured in Techlicious’ article “10 Best Trackers to Help You Sleep Better”, as one of the best technology products to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Press/Media from 2016

December 2016: You’ve heard of smart phones and smart homes…but what about a smart bed?“

he ‘Design and Décor’ segment on Living 808 introduces you to what many people describe as the only true smart bed. It’s called ReST Bed™.”

Sept 2016: Comparison of ReST® “Smart Mattresses” to Those of Start-ups Such as Casper, Simba, and Eve

Aug 2016: ReST® Praised For Reinventing The Mattress Shopping Experience

“Designed to be the “ultimate smart bed,” the company’s high-tech mattress does not simply track and log movement, breathing and heart-rate—it provides tangible comfort and support solutions in real-time.” 

April 2016: How Home Automation is Changing the Way We Live

“The ReST Bed™ even adjusts through the night to give you better sleep” as covered in Website Magazine

March 2016: Snooze control: how sleeping technology is taking over the bedroom

Jan 2016:The Rapid Rise of Sleep Trackers (in Sleep Retailer)

Sept 2016: “In the weeks leading up to the World Championship in Kona, my preparation focused very heavily on recovery through better sleep,” said Carfrae. “As part of this, Tim O’Donnell and I slept on a ReST Bed™.

Sept 2016: BedTimes Magazine features ReST Bed™ in coverage of Las Vegas Furniture Market

“The cutting-edge ReST Bed™ gives each sleeper a custom fit and provides sleep data so you have the information you need to perform at your best.”

April 2016: High-tech ReST Bed™ Stresses Customization, Adaptability

“And now for the ReST® of the High Point bedding story, we turn to ReST®, a smart bedding producer who has joined the bedding scene here” as covered in Furniture Today”

March 2016: Looking for the Perfect Mattress? Try One You Can Customize

March 2016: Sleep Retailer Names ReST® to its 2016 “Companies to Watch” List

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