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Back Pain from Sleeping? Try These 4 Tips


The UK Daily Express understands your pain. At least they understand that sometimes your back hurts when you wake up in the morning. From common lumbago (lower back pain) to more severe aches, they recommend the following:

  1. Switch positions: Switching positions can alleviate pressure on the neck, hips and lower back
  2. Get a new mattress: 63% of people reported reduced pain after switching mattresses
  3. Avoid sudden, jerky movements while settling in and getting in and out of bed
  4. Get some exercise: Flexibility and a strong core helps reduce back strain and spasms

You can read the whole article here

If you’re looking for the best mattress to alleviate back pain, check out the ReST smart bed.  Its customizable support for head, shoulders, lumbar, hips and legs, along with automatic, real-time adjustments give you a pain-free night of sleep.

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