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Fitful sleep? An AI smart bed can help

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The ReST Smart Bed is AI-enabled, which puts the ReST Bed in a category all its own. Here are the facts:

  1. What’s happening beneath the sheets? Scientifically-designed, anti-microbial knit blend fabric forms a ~1000 data point grid on each side of the bed. The undetectable, flexible sensor delivers individualized pressure data to the pump and connected app providing real-time, automatic functionality that’s tailored to the way you sleep.
  2. What’s ReST’s origin story? Surprisingly, the ReST bed was conceived in a dentist’s office. Company founder, Rob Golden, originally created a smart-device to measure bite strength. He then acquired an additional sensor technology that was used to help paraplegics, burn victims and other immobile patients who were unable to sense pressure or reposition themselves. 
  3. So is this some crazy bed for folks with serious medical issues? Hardly. After decades helping folks in the medical space, ReST realized it could adapt the sleep technology to help athletes looking to improve performance through better sleep and to help back pain sufferers who wanted a smarter way to control full-body bed pressure.
  4. Isn’t the Sleep Number 360 the same kind of bed? No. First off, the ReST bed was the first to market with auto-adjusting technology but that’s beside the point. The ReST smart bed has 5 separate air chambers as opposed to one in the Sleep Number.

Whether you’re struggling with back pain, looking to improve athletic performance or simply want a more customized sleep experience for better rest, the revolutionary ReST performance bed may be just what you’re looking for.

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