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Hotels are Failing at a Top Priority for Guests… Sleep

The ReST Smart Bed on display at an Airbnb in Austin, Texas.

What’s the primary reason for staying at hotel?

It’s a place to find some rest. Amenities, convenience, quality, and price play a factor, but if a hotel didn’t provide a bed to sleep in, nobody would ever think to stay there.

J.D. Power’s latest North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index found that fewer than 30% of respondents reports a “better than expected” night’s sleep. The study looked at responses from nearly 45,000 hotel guests at 85 different brands from May 2018 to June 2019.

“Delivering a superior sleep experience—from the quality of the bed, linens and pillows to the ambient sound and temperature of the room—is a huge opportunity for hotels to differentiate themselves from the pack and earn significant goodwill with guests,” said Jennifer Corwin, Senior Manager of Consumer Insights for Travel & Hospitality Intelligence at J.D. Power. “Of all the discrete variables of the hotel guest experience we measure, a better-than-expected night’s sleep is the one with the potential to drive the highest levels of overall guest satisfaction for those hotels that can deliver.”

The studies key finding was that guest satisfaction scores increased significantly when guests reported a better-than-expected quality of sleep. Of those experiencing better-than-expected quality sleep, most reported that they “definitely will” return to the same property or brand.

A comfortable mattress like The ReST Smart Bed is vital to the anatomy of a good night’s sleep. Other top contributors include the quietness of the room, quality of the pillows, room temperature, and the quality of the linens. Hotels can gain extra satisfaction scores by including items like white noise machines, earplugs, robes, and slippers.

For more information or to read the study yourself, visit J.D. Power HERE.

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