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REAL High Tech Sleep with a REAL High Tech Bed

We live in a brave new technological world. It seems the phrase “there’s an app for that” rings true more and more each day, and in fact we’ve already technologically evolved past simply using apps to improve our lives. Our homes are now literally connected to us, from our lights to our thermostats, to our own voices, technology has given us a level of convenience and control far greater than anyone could have imagined just ten years ago.

What is the common thread that ‘connects’ all innovations? Answer: the desire to have more control. Everything from smart cars to smart phones to smart coffee pots share the goal of giving you more control on the decisions you make and the effort it takes to make those decisions. It’s as easy as pushing a button in today’s 21st century world now applies to virtually everything you do. What are you going to eat today? What are you going to buy today? Who are you going to go on a date with today? Just push a button!

When it comes to sleep however, the high-tech world still has work to do. Don’t get me wrong, lots of devices have been made that can measure your sleep, tell you how well you slept, and provide recommendations on how to improve your sleep, but code has yet to be cracked on how to give you more control on how well you sleep. For the most part, the only control you have on getting a good night’s sleep is based on the decisions you make while you’re awake. Your diet, exercise, schedule and routines are what you are in control of. Then your ‘smart sleep’ devices tell you the following morning how well you did or did not sleep.

But you can’t make any more decisions while you sleep. I mean after all, you’re asleep! And there isn’t a smart device that can make decisions for you on your behalf while you sleep to help improve your sleep. That is of course, until now.

The ReST Bed™ is the most advanced high-tech bed in history. While you’re sleeping, our innovative technology is wide awake ensuring that you stay comfortable all night long. When you move, the bed moves. If pressure starts to build in your hips or shoulders (which can restrict circulation and cause the dreaded “needles” sensation in your arms and legs when you wake up) the ReST Bed™ can detect that and automatically relieve it for you. Plus, you get to control how firm or soft you’d like the bed. You get to control how you’d like the bed to respond when you’re on your back or your side. When you get the ReST Bed™ you custom fit the bed to your preference (both sides work independently by the way so couples don’t have to compromise) and the ReST high tech bed takes it from there.

The common goal for all high tech and ‘smart’ technology is to give you more control in your life. How much control do you have on how well you sleep? Have you always tried to do your best during the day and hope for the best during the night? Stop hoping you get a good night’s sleep. Take control of it.

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