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The ReST Bed™ Review of the ReST Bed™ Review

Recently the ReST Bed™ had its first official unbiased review from Mattressclarity.com, a mattress review website.  We were thrilled to see what an objective bedding expert would say about us. By design we weren’t allowed to contact Mattress Clarity prior to their review, so when it finally came in the three of us (Lloyd Sommers, Bryant Looper [me] and Nate Wells) huddled around Lloyd’s desk with bated breath and started reading…

A few minutes later we all collectively exhaled. THEY LIKED US!!! Being a small company positive reviews are critical to our success. And so far we have been delighted by the ReST Bed™ customer reviews.

Joe Auer, author and reviewer for Mattress Clarity, did a great job describing the bed’s mattress technology value proposition of “five zoned customizable support” and “automatic real time adjustments” in the video he shot. He also had some unique perspectives on the ReST Bed™ that we at ReST® don’t often talk about. For starters, the ReST Bed™ does in fact do a great job in reducing motion transfer. Our mattress technology uses ten air chambers (five per side) that adjust independently reducing motion transfer for couples.   We tend to get so excited about our core message that we forget to mention other critical elements of what a good bed should do for couples.

Another strong point he made was that the ReST Bed™ is ideal for people in pain.

“If you ever experience pain in a specific part of your body, this mattress can be a really good choice.  You can simply make the part of the bed where your pain is softer and you won’t have as much pressure where your pain is.”

The fitness arena (triathlon, marathon, cross-fit) was the first demographic to rally behind and embrace ReST®, and we are proud that the ReST Bed™ is “The best mattress for athletes.”  But we also emphasize that the ReST Bed™ is not JUST for athletes; it appeals to people who suffer from lower back pain, shoulder pain, etc. We give people more options than any other bed to help relieve that pain. So, we were thrilled to see Joe come to that conclusion and highlight it in his review.

Joe only had two small ‘criticisms’ (which is a stretch to call them even that) about us.

First, he said people who only like one particular style of bed may not like the ReST Bed™, and may want to just stick to what they know. I happily concede his point. We’ve done all we can to create a bed that’s as versatile as possible to provide our customers with limitless options. Our goal is to put complete control in the consumers hands with the hopes that they’ll find their ReST Bed™ ‘sweet spot.’ But we understand that at the end of the day we can’t be all things to all people. If one type of feel works for you then congratulations! I’ve always said there is no one perfect bed out there, but there is YOUR perfect bed. We know that most people are on the brink of filing for mattress divorce because they’re finally fed up of being treated so lousy in bed.

The last point he raised was not surprising at all. It was the age-old price objection. Specifically, he said:

Those On A Budget– The ReST Bed™ is very innovative and comes with a lot of cool technology.  Because of that, it does not come cheap.  This is a mattress for only the most serious consumers.

You think I’m going to disagree, don’t you? Well…he’s right. The ReST Bed™ is the most innovative bed ever. Period. Our engineers and software developers literally spent years building, prototyping, writing and re-writing software to finally deliver the most innovative, dynamic and customizable experience possible for consumers. Our goal has always been to perfect a third of your day when you’re not awake, so you can live the other two thirds of your life wide awake. We are not just a mattress company, we are a sleep technology company. The ReST Bed™ in a queen costs four thousand dollars (our marketing guys want me to say three thousand nine hundred ninety nine), and it’s worth its weight in gold. And you don’t have to take my word for it! You should read some of our ReST Bed™ reviews, or see for yourself.

All in all, we were thrilled for ReST Bed™ to be reviewed as “one of the most technologically advanced mattresses ever created” by Mattress Clarity. Read the full ReST Bed™ review to find out more.

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