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What Type of Mattress is Best for Back Pain?

According to a recent study it was reported that almost 80% of Americans will suffer from back pain, specifically lower back pain, that will negatively impact their lives to some capacity. And to make matters worse, the numbers of people who have back issues is on the rise.

More than any other part of the body, our backs take the physical brunt of life’s daily grind. Even when we’re sitting at your desk our backs are being strained. And perhaps the most depressing fact of the matter is even when we lie down at night, our backs are often still denied relief. Since most of us can’t spend the majority of each day at a chiropractor’s office or hanging upside-down from one of those inversion tables, we find ourselves in a daily fight to relieve that constant dull ache that just won’t seem to go away.

People constantly ask me what mattress is best for their back pain. For years I’ve heard varying versions of  “Oh you sell mattresses? Well I’ve got a bad back so what would you recommend?” I always struggle to answer these questions because although I am a mattress industry veteran (confirmed in writing in Furniture Today), if I’m being honest it’s a question with no one right answer.

When it comes to backs and back pain we are all unique snowflakes. There is no one perfect bed that can adequately cure back pain for everyone. But, there are beds that work better for some than others, and the best way to find a bed that can relieve your back pain is to start by rephrasing your initial question. You should ask yourself “What type of mattress is best for my back pain?”


How to find what type of mattress is best for back pain:

First and foremost, consider buying an adjustable base. For the same reason you can’t wait to sit in your recliner at the end of the day and kick your feet up, elevating your legs during the night does wonders for your back and especially your lower back. I know they can add to the cost of your overall purchase considerably, but trust me they’re worth every penny.

Second, get rid of preconceived notions like “I need a firm bed for my bad back.” Firm support is different than a firm surface, and no one with a bad back sleeps well on a pool table. Hard beds can often hurt your back even more. Tempur-Pedic mattresses are a great example of beds that offer firm support without feeling too hard.

Third, focus on finding natural spinal alignment. Our spines are curved, not straight, so you want to find a bed that complements the natural shape of your body. The more natural your sleeping position is, the more comfortable your back and muscles become, and the more comfortable your muscles become, the more relaxed they get. It’s muscle relaxation that you

want your bed to be able to provide. Muscle relaxation is the key to deep healing sleep. If you wake up and your back is as stiff as when you went to bed your muscles never had a chance to relax. The ReST Bed’s™ patented fabric senses your unique shape and pressure profile – and then uses that data to ensure that the surface automatically responds to improve spinal alignment and head-to-toe back support.

Fourth, look for a bed that focuses on additional lumber support. There have been several manufactures in the past few years who have designed beds that provide extra layers of support in the center third of the body where the heaviest parts are. These beds are designed to overcompensate for trouble areas where back pain is most commonly experienced. The ReST Bed™ is the only bed in the industry with a specific lumbar zone designed specifically to alleviate back pain. Our technology of five ergonomic zones was built with natural spinal alignment and lumbar support in mind.


Finally, consider adjustable technology beds. Regardless of how your back feels today, it’s going to change and feel different a year from now, and continue to change year after year. Our bodies are in a constant state of change, and adjustable beds are the only beds that can change support for you as your needs change. Often people blame their bed for their back pain, when just a few years earlier they slept like a baby on that same bed! That bed didn’t change, they did! Adjustable air technology (exactly like the ReST Bed™) can help take the ‘pressure’ off on having to find your perfect bed in one shot.

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