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Have had the bed for a couple of weeks, so definitely still getting used to it. I sleep very badly and hoped this would fix that overnight, but it hasn’t. But my previous hybrid mattress (was 8 years old and cost $3000 when purchased) was sagging badly and I had regular leg pain that would wake me frequently in the night, and I haven’t had that at all since getting the ReST bed.

I had contactless delivery so had to set it up myself. The physical setup was easy, but I had a lot of trouble getting one of the pumps to connect to the app. It took over an hour and trying and resetting and trying again. I got it to work eventually without having to contact ReST, but that was certainly buggy.

I have been trying the different modes, and Position Mode works best for me – Automatic was too distracting. I can hear the pump hissing when it empties – there is no sound when the pump inflates different bladders, but when it lets air out it is loud, especially if you are a light sleeper. But you can adjust the sensitivity so that it adjusts less or more frequently, so that has helped – I have it on a fairly low sensitivity setting, so it adjusts just enough, but not excessively.

I did not have experience of a memory foam bed before as I tried them and didn’t like the sinking, but I adjusted to that straight away – I don’t feel like I’m trapped or sinking at all and find it very comfortable. I am extremely sensitive to overheating at night, and that has not been an issue either, though I did get the BedJet 3 with the mattress (I had the BedJet 2 and it’s life-changing if you’re a hot sleeper, and the BedJet 3 is even better – if heat is a concern I highly recommend the additional investment to get the BedJet!).

One other random concern I had was how I’d be able to put on a fitted sheet, considering the hoses come out of the middle of the head of mattress – I was worried that the sheet would come loose because you can’t tuck it in at the head of the bed. But that hasn’t been an issue at all – a fitted sheet sort of fits around the hoses, and still attaches well at the corners (obviously may depend on your sheets).

I’m pleased with it, but I need more time to really be used to it – it’s a big change after 8 years on the same mattress. I do think it was the right choice for me, especially as a side sleeper. Just be aware that the pump does make a loud hiss when it deflates, so if you are a light sleeper that might be a consideration, though again there are different modes and also a high degree of sensitivity customization, so you should be able to find a setting that gives you a balance between adjustability and noise level. I have got it to a point where it’s tolerable.

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