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We had been looking for an adjustable bed for over a year. We had a sleep number and really like it but what really made us look at ReST was that you could adjust the firmness/your # at all different areas of your body. If i wanted my shoulders softer than my legs, i could change that! And that sold us on the bed. I have had chronic pain since a car accident several years ago, and this has really helped relieve alot of my pain at night. The only thing i would love to be addressed is that if you have the bed on “auto” which detects when you move/roll over and changes the bed automatically to keep the correct pressure level, the pump kicking on and off is a bit loud for me. I am a light sleeper. So i do not have my bed on auto. It just stays at the same pressure whether i move or not so that i am not woken up by the pump. Other than that, no complaints!

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Our mission is to improve lives through better, smarter sleep technology. Making an investment in quality sleep is an important decision, and we strive to make it affordable and accessible to everyone.

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