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I’m a side sleeper with broad shoulders. I normally have very difficult time staying asleep due to the shoulder and hip strains. This bed allows me to adjust the amount those two areas sink relative to the rest of my body. It does take some time to find that “sweet” spot, but I notice that I no longer wake up to sore neck and hips. I was hesitant on spending this kind of money for a bed without trying it out, but I’m glad I did. I had 2 tempurpedic beds prior to this and I’m glad I upgraded. I can always change the firmness levels if I need to “mix things up”. My only complaints are 1: The WiFi disconnects from time to time (not a big deal if you leave it in manual mode like I do) and 2: the foot and head zones use the same airlines, which means they are not truly separate zones.

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