Doug Shelton @ 01/16/2021 02:21 | ReST Performance Smart Bed

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Purchased the bed in Dec 2019. I experienced a problem w the delivery, and to their credit, the ReST team made it right.

Since then, here’s been our experience:
– Unlike their competitors, the ReST bed does not come w controllers, instead they utilize an app that you download and use via your phone or tablet. Our experience indicates a dedicated controller would be better/easier to use. See below:
– The app is wonky, at best. The app is slow to interact with the pumps, causing a delay from the time you adjust the pressure on the app until the time the pumps actually make the requested change. In general, it doesn’t feel like the setting changes I make on the app are translated to the pumps/bed, making it difficult to truly find a comfort setting that works for me. In addition, the app somewhat frequently disconnects from our stable WiFi, causing the frustration of crawling under the bed to push the reset button on the pumps. (Yes, we do have the latest app versions downloaded to our phones.)

– The bed itself is not as soft as I would prefer. It feels like ReST now offers a grid as an add’l option. I’ve requested to order one from customer service, but was told they aren’t yet offering them for sale individually. Perhaps the add’l layer/ grid would make a difference, but for now I still wake up with the same aches as I had on our old/standard bed.

There are some good points about the bed/company:
– The bed allows you to adjust 5 zones, instead of just the 2 zones as offered by the big name brand.
– My initial interactions w customer service were very positive, and they went out of their way to make the delivery snafu right.

In general, the ReST bed is a great concept in theory, but the app needs work, and the bed needs another layer of foam.

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