Let me start by saying the customer service at ReST is top notch!
I’m a small business owner and take pride in providing great customer service it’s always nice to find a company that cares for customers and always returns the call to answer any questions in a timely manner. Huge shout out to Loyd and Sarah you guys are awesome such a pleasure to chat with you on the phone. The bed rocks the auto feature is genius love how I feel my shoulder drop and hips raise a bit when I roll to my side it really relieves those pressure points! Love it!

ReST payment options

Our mission is to improve lives through better, smarter sleep technology. Making an investment in quality sleep is an important decision, and we strive to make it affordable and accessible to everyone.

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  • At the time of purchase, you will only be charged for the first payment. The remaining balance will be held on your credit card until the final payment is made. After each monthly payment, the amount held from your available balance will be reduced to the new reaming balance (the held amount might appear as pending).
  • To be eligible you must own a Visa or Mastercard credit card and have the entire amount of your purchase available on your card.
  • Your 0% interest applies as long as you pay in full your card statement balance.