Josh Armour @ 12/04/2019 09:27 | ReST Performance Smart Bed

I took what I thought was a gamble on a bed from a manufacturer that I had not heard of before. All of the regular names everyone has heard of didn’t quite have what I was looking for – an adjustable inflatable air mattress with individual chambers that was ‘smart’ enough to let me use my phone. I also wanted something smart enough to adjust based on me.

The ReST bed is really the only one that fit all the marks, and more. I purchased the bed, a little worried about having to deal with a company across the country for any issues. Boy was that an unfounded fear!

First of all, the bed is great. It is hard to overstate how important it is to have the bed adjust firmness based on my movements during the night. Not just overall firmness, but adjust the hip firmness, or the lumbar. I need different settings for when I sleep on my stomach (deep sleep) and when I sleep on my side (light sleep).. It just makes sense when you think about it.

Second, the bed comes with a great warranty and support program. I was offered an extended warranty from the store I bought it through but I haven’t ever needed to use them at all. I simply contacted ReST directly and they are very quick to respond! I had a minor issue with the touch sensor on my side of the bed and the company replied within 24 hours, and had a box on the way with a replacement part within 24 hours after that.

I have a hard time getting that sort of response from the kings of support (Amazon or Costco).. I am impressed.

If you are worried about dealing with an unfamiliar brand name, or dealing with a company who is based far away from you in the rare case of needing support – I can say that you don’t need to fret over those. Spend your time worrying about other things 🙂