Kevin Brzuszkiewicz @ 03/15/2020 06:00 | ReST Performance Smart Bed

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Day 1: Had an issue with the bed when it arrived. I contacted customer service and they exceeded my expectations by overnighting a part that I needed and kicked back some money my way for the inconvenience. (Excellent customer service with an extremely fast response. They gained my trust.)

Day 2: First night sleeping was rough. Played around with the different modes to find out what works for me. Realized that it’s going to take more than a couple of days to find the perfect setting.

Day 3 thru 12: Still trying to find a perfect setting to get a good night sleep. This company needs to update the ReST app so that I can be precise with my settings instead of “ball parking” it visually with no accuracy or consistency.

Day 13: Finally, I got a good night sleep.

Day 14 thru 25: Left for vacation

Day 26: Oh My God!! They updated the app!!! Not only did they meet my expectations by making everything precise, accurate, and consistent by giving each zone a range from 1-40… but they’ve also exceeded my expectations by adding a sensitivity feature as well. Now the bed responds as fast or as slow as I choose. My mind is blown right now!!

Day 27 thru 28: If your still reading this you should stop what your doing and buy this bed. Seriously… they nailed it by updating the app. They’ve added 2 memory settings to manual mode, they’ve added a sensitivity feature to automatic mode, they’ve made the position mode along with every other mode accurate, precise and consistent. Everything that I hated about the app is not only fixed, but I honestly can’t find a flaw. I could go on and on…Way to go ReSt!!!