Kristen Bush @ 04/04/2019 08:37 | ReST Performance Smart Bed

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My husband decided to spend the money on this bed because I was suffering during my sleep due to chronic pain. Every bed we have tried in the last 10 years didn’t solve the problem of waking up in pain. But Our REsT bed?? This bed has solved that problem. The ability to custom design your setting on each side of our king mattress has made such a life-changing difference. I am now able to sleep on my back without pain and my side without pain. The intuitive design is unparalleled in the mattress industry. Anything from softening to hardening the mattress to raising the head to raising the feet and to intelligently know whether you were on your back or on your side is impressive. The technology and components and structure of the bed are all reliable and of the utmost top quality . This bed can’t cure my underlying pain condition but it certainly has made living with it more manageable. Buy this bed you -won’t regret it – not even for one night. And to be honest, I flinched because of the price tag but it’s worth every penny.