Lisa B @ 10/11/2019 12:03 | ReST Performance Smart Bed

It’s so reassuring going to bed each night knowing that I am going to have a great night of sleep. As a former collegiate and national level swimmer, health, wellbeing, and fitness are priorities in my life – and sleep is integral to all of those. The level of personalization The ReST Bed provides is especially important to me because I also have scoliosis, and I know the amount of support I need is probably different than the average person and is going to change over time. No matter what position I sleep in (usually my side and stomach), I know the bed is making the right adjustments to optimize my recovery. I know it works too, because I can feel it, each and every morning. I love the peace of mind this bed provides provides me. That consequently also helps me fall asleep easier. It’s funny how I “prioritized” sleep while being a college athlete, however, I never actually focused on the products and process around getting a better night’s sleep. That is, until I found the ReST Bed!