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Had the bed for a few days now. The bed itself has been great. I really enjoy the customization features and tinkering on the app to find my perfect setting. The first two nights I found myself adjusting (which is normal for a new bed). Last night I had a great sleep. Looking forward to continue testing the bed out.

A few rooms for improvement: the white glove service was not communicated correctly to the people who delivered my bed. They simply brought the bed in and I had to remind them that I paid for the service. When I told them, they hastily put the bed together. So hastily that they did it incorrectly and I had to call customer support to get it sorted. Customer support was awesome though.

As far as improving the product, I would suggest that instead of labeling the valves “right” and “left”, to label them “A” and “B”. When installing the valves, we had mistakenly put the valves labeled “Right” on the wrong side. This is because we were assuming that the right side of the bed is when you’re looking at the bed. It’s not. It’s when you’re lying down. Honest mistake which could be avoided by better labeling of the valves.

Overall, aside from the white glove service, we’ve really enjoyed the bed. We paired it with some new Brooklinen sheets and it feels like a hotel bed from the future 🙂

Looking forward to the next 86 days!

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