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I was intrigued by the idea of a self adjusting bed and went for an in-store demo of the Sleep Number Mattress. Unfortunately, I was not enthused by the feel of it which had a hammock effect on each side and a dead spot in the middle of the split top Cal King. Fortunately, I got a referral from a colleague about the ReST bed and went and checked it out the next day. The design of the ReST bed is superior with 5 air bladders that meet in the middle – no hammock effect and no dead spot in the middle. I was sold and placed my order online a couple weeks later. Thanks to the staff at Rest Bed who were really helpful in making a quick delivery. Once I got it, I set the bed up in about 20 minutes and let it inflate while I downloaded the ap. I played with the settings a little bit but quickly went with ‘automatic’ and an overall firmness I liked. The bed adjusts perfectly as I roll from back to side and side to front sleeping – no hip or back pain when I get out of bed in the morning. So comfortable!!! I paired the ReST mattress with an adjustable base from Blissful Nights that has a special control for a Split-Top Cal King. I recommend that as well.

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