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Adventures in buying a new bed for two very different people…

My husband loved our queen sleep number bed and I HATED it. You see he never skips leg day and would put one of his meaty legs on my side causing the internal air mattress to misshapen. I’d end up sleeping on the sloped edge of a concave surface.

We replaced it with a king memory foam mattress when I was pregnant with first child. At first we were both happy with it but Ryan quickly grew to HATE it. It was too warm and not firm enough for him. I loved it!

After moving back to the USA we were rear-ended and I was rear-ended again 20 weeks pregnant almost losing her. We should have stayed in Japan! Needless to say I’ve woke up in pain everyday since Dec. 2nd, 2013 until this morning!

After months and months of research online and much discussion we went shopping. I tried out the iNTELLibed Midnight and liked it so much I bought it and scheduled delivery.

We got home and I started researching the iNTELLibed. The online reviews are great and they should be for the most expensive bed on the market. One of the crunchy mom bloggers I follow reviewed the chemical free version of our bed. I decided I needed to change out ours for that one. Why pay to put toxins where we sleep?!?

Also my husband and I don’t like the same bed so maybe we need a split king mattress. There’s no way we’ll agree on head and foot positions.

We reversed the iTELLibed and adjustable frame without hassle.

In the midst of all of this I kept going back to the ReST bed online. It’s roots are in high end hospital beds for bedridden patients to prevent bed sores. It’s like a sleep number bed but WAY more advanced.

It has five, yes five, adjustable air chambers per person! So if my husband’s leg ventures over onto my side it’ll just affect my leg air chamber, not my whole body. Plus lets be real, we’re married now, I’ll just nicely shove that leg back where it belongs.

In addition, this bed is tech savvy, it automatically adjusts the 5 chambers using pressure sensors. You can set it on manual and adjust it the way you want it too.

If that wasn’t enough, if a portion of it wears out you just fix or replace that part. No need to buy a brand new bed when the tech out dates or the foam breaks down.

I really wanted to see it and touch it before buying it but that wasn’t an option. However, I was reassured by their reviews and return policy so I pulled the trigger.

It arrived yesterday via white glove setup and we set both sides on automatic. We tossed and turned, sat up and watched the sensors change and it fine tuned the air chambers to correspond with our movement.

If you are tech savvy enough to connect to your WiFi router you can setup this bed. If not get a grandkid to set it up for you.

We went to sleep optimistic but skeptical and woke up believers. Best rest and sleep I’ve had since the first car accident if not since I was a child!

After night one I highly recommend the ReST bed!

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