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First, I’m a techy guy. I love gadgets, home automation, and tweaking with stuff. My wife and I decided to splurge on a pretty pricey mattress compared to a traditional mattress for the adjustability and “smartness” of the mattress, and it certainly has not disappointed. This bed can be easy to setup by putting into “Automatic” mode for those that are not into tech, or it can be highly customizable by either using a “Position” mode or a “Manual” mode. I will say that the first week of sleeping was not necessarily the best night of sleep we’ve ever had. I felt much better then our previous Temperpedic mattress, however my wife woke up with worse back pain. This is where the best part of this mattress comes in. We continued to adjust the very simple “Automatic” mode softness dial and within a couple nights she is having awesome nights of sleep.

In summary, this bed is Amazing, but it might take a few nights of sleep to fine tune what works best for your body. Certainly worth the money, and I can’t wait to see how this mattress does over time. I suspect it will be great as we get older to continue slight adjustments. If anything ever goes bad, we can always replace the components…AMAZING!

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