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After a understandable delay in manufacturing and shipping due to the Covid virus, we received our King size ReST bed this past week. Through it all, the ReST Staff responded to our queries in a timely, friendly, and professional manner. While long term sleep results will take time, our initial observations are worth mentioning….

First, the bed was incredibly easy to set up…. Everything well labeled and the instructions were easy to follow. When we started to fill the bed for the first time we were utterly amazed at how quiet the pumps and venting noises were… Barely audible when awake and you would have to be an incredibly light sleeper to be awakened by them…. The “Fill and Vent” sequences for the pumps to conform to the program(s) chosen are very short in duration.

The ReST app is both impressive and informative! The “pairing” of the pumps on our Wi-Fi Network, IPhone, and IPad, was simple and we accomplished the entire registration/activation process in about 15 minutes…. In addition to the printed set-up manual, all pertinent elements/ functions of the app are noted by “information” symbols on the app. Also, these two ReST PDF’s were very helpful:


Both my wife and I are well into Senior Citizen years…After a very few nights of use my wife has found her “perfect” setting on her side of the bed and the arm and back pain that has plagued her on waking has diminished… Already sleeping far better.

While I am supremely confident I will be find ReST settings that will give me relief, it will take a while. Being a combat vet from Vietnam I have Myopathy and Neuropathy from injuries I suffered years ago. Aging has now made these quite uncomfortable and sleeping can be very difficult. Unbelievably, I have already noticed a definite difference in some elements of my positional comfort… just have to “fine tune” it over time…. I KNOW I will find relief.

We would highly recommend that’s any persons looking for sleep enhancement, a multi-zone approach to positional comfort, high quality components, and a dedicated and professional company, take a good look at the ReST bed. Not inexpensive but it is most definitely one of the most advanced beds available and we’ll worth the cost.

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Our mission is to improve lives through better, smarter sleep technology. Making an investment in quality sleep is an important decision, and we strive to make it affordable and accessible to everyone.

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