William Willette @ 12/16/2019 04:44 | ReST Performance Smart Bed

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OK, if you can get past the cost of this thing with the justification that it’s likely the last bed you’ll ever buy – you’re really going to enjoy this bed and be happy you pulled the trigger. I did a crazy amount of research on it before floating the idea of upgrading to the ReST bed past my wife. That research included three online chats with Kyle – very helpful and no hard sell. I watched reviews on YouTube and read mattress site reviews online – all indications pointed to great mattress / sleep customization – with a big price tag.

I had to sell the idea to my wife and the cost was the only thing she had a concern with. I laid out things like the 10 year warranty, when pieces wear out we replace them, and of course the tech and adjustability. She was skeptical at first and really didn’t want some funky hard center divider between our sides of the bed (there isn’t one) and she didn’t want to get lost in a techie app rabbit hole. I’m happy to report she’s got the app set to Automatic and she’s loving this bed.

Compared to our old (4 year old) mattress – this thing is like sleeping on a perfectly adjusted cloud. No more hip aches from springs! Getting the system dialed in took a couple days and a few phone calls – but Sarah was amazing and the customer service she provided was akin to shopping at Nordstroms. Had she been local I have no doubt she would have volunteered to come over and make things right for us. We had a pump issue – she overnighted a new one. We were having app response issues – she was there to advise. Thankfully her instructions to get us setup were simple to follow. The white glove delivery was a little lacking – she made that right for us by shipping us a Amazon gift card for that shortcoming.

This bed is close to perfect. Cons: The pumps do make a little bit of noise while in the Automatic mode – but nothing too terrible. We have a fan going all night long in our room, so the pumps don’t really disturb us all that much. I’m going to enclose them and I doubt we’ll even know they are functioning. The app was pretty sluggish at first – but Sarah got us hooked up directly to them via the app and all is good now. The app functions – but it would be nice with a few modifications, like having the ability to memorize your settings so you can revert back to them, and an easier way to fine tune the air chamber settings (like a + / – button rather than the slide button). Sarah mentioned there should be an update to the app in early 2020.

Very happy with this bed so far and looking forward to many years of super comfortable and restful sleep. I’d highly recommend this bed – look for discount codes online to knock off a few $$’s.

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