Mattress Buying Guide

The do’s and dont’s.

How to Buy a Mattress- the Do’s and Dont’s

Buying a new mattress can be overwhelming, especially if it’s been 8-10 years since you last purchased a new bed. The mattress industry is constantly changing, and similar to the car industry, new models with new technology are always coming in while old models are being phased out. Here are some basic do’s and don’ts that will hopefully make your mattress buying experience smooth and relatively painless.

With eleven plus years in the bedding industry, Bryant Looper gives his advice on how to Pick a Mattress… and have the best buying experience

(Trust us, he’s seen and heard it all.)

DO figure out your logistical needs before you walk into the store. What size do you have/need? Do you need a boxspring? If so what height? Does you need your old mattress hauled off?  DON’T walk into a mattress store completely unprepared. There are thousands of unnecessary returns and exchanges that take place because the customer ordered the wrong size, or foundation, etc. Save yourself the annoyance of waiting around for a second delivery by knowing your logistics ahead of time.

DO research various furniture and bedding stores before you go shopping, and if possible call ahead of time to schedule an appointment with a sales associate. Almost all retail sales associates are happy to schedule time with potential customers. They’ll know that you are a serious potential customer and you’ll benefit from having their undivided attention. Appointments are also ideal because they usually end up feeling more collaborative, less high pressured, and much more educational. DON’T walk in and instantly start asking about price, sales, and negotiations. It’s rude. As a former RSA I can tell you I ended up giving the best deals to the customers I ended up liking the most. RSA’s look forward to educating customers and helping them solve a problem and working to find a bed that can improve their sleep. You will ultimately find a bed in your price range, so don’t make the sale only about price. And on that note…

DO focus on your new mattress as an investment in yourself. You spend one third of your life asleep, and the quality of sleep (or lack thereof) affects everything about you, from your immune system, your metabolism, your mood, to your physical appearance. Spend several minutes trying each bed and in various sleeping positions. A good rule is spending at least five minutes on each bed. DON’T sell yourself short. You deserve to get a great nights sleep night after night. Improving sleep hygiene is one of the quickest ways to make a profound positive impact on your life. And DON’T say things like “It’s just a mattress.” I know buying a mattress isn’t as fun as getting a new car, big screen TV, or shiny new guitar, but you use your mattress eight hours a day, EVERY day! More than every other item you own COMBINED!!

DO Spend 5-10 minutes trying each feel to be sure it’s right for you. And if you’re scared that you’ll end up making a mistake on firmness consider adjustable beds that allow you to change the firmness whenever you like. DON’T let past perceptions misguide you. You may think you prefer ‘firm’ or ‘soft’ beds, but there are firm pillowtops, soft tightops, firm AND soft foam beds, and everything in between.

Finally, give your new bed a few weeks to determine if it’s improving your sleep. Getting a new bed can be like changing prescription medication. Sometimes there can be a transition period while your body gets used to the new support it’s now getting. You may not get the best nights sleep on your new bed on the first night, but after a few weeks you should start noticing that you’re waking up feeling more refreshed and energized.

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