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ReST Bed™ w/ Purple Grid

Twin XL38" x 80"$3,999
Queen60" x 80"$4,699
Queen Split Top60" x 80"$5,499
Eastern King Split Top76" x 80"$5,799
Eastern King76" x 80"$5,699
California King72" x 84"$5,299
Split King(2) 38" x 80"$7,998
Addon Mattress Removal $99.00
Addon BedJet 3 $389.00
Addon Dual Zone BedJet 3 $899.00

No compromise with five different comfort zones

Total customization with three modes of operation

Automatically adjusts to meet your needs

10 year full warranty on all parts and components

 The Purple Grid™: The Next Evolution in Sleep


Smart sensor technology delivers real-time unique body pressure map to the ReST app.

Ergonomically designed 5 body zone customization
Automatic real-time response.

Independent control on each side of the bed.

Limitless firmness configurations.

Split top available (King or Queen) for ultimate adaptability with an adjustable base.

4” cooling gel-infused memory foam top for added comfort.

3 modes of app operation to allow your preferred level of support & automation:


Maximum customization. Adjust 5 body zones independently for ultimate pressure relief custom fit to your unique needs.


Customization & automatic response. Memory lock settings for your 5 body zones in two different sleeping positions – back or side, and as you change position naturally during the night, the bed adjusts for you.


Ultimate automatic response. Choose a general comfort setting from soft to firm, and let the smart bed work its magic – adjusting each individual zone automatically and in real-time throughout the night based on your unique pressure distribution.

How it works:



Scientifically engineered anti-microbial, flexible knit blend fabric. Forms ~1000 data point grid per side of the bed, delivering your unique pressure data to the app and pump.


The brain of the mattress. This powerhouse behind the tech, includes our custom processing chip with unique software algorithms designed for optimum pressure relief and support, and four whisper-quiet pumps that adjust support based on your individual pressure relief needs.


Sophisticated software that provides control of the three unique ReST Bed™ operating modes, shows your unique dynamic pressure map in real-time, and upgrades automatically to give you the latest features of your smart bed. Available in both Android and iOS versions.


Performance cooling, breathable, and moisture wicking. Its extreme flexibility, similar to performance sportswear, allows for maximum comfort and sensation of movement. A 360 degree zipper makes it removeable and machine-washable to ensure a refreshed sleep.


The ReST Bed™ is entirely modular, meaning each component is 100% removable and replaceable independent of everything else. This ensures a high quality, durable design that can grow and change with you. Instead of replacing the entire mattress, the ReST Bed™ allows you to replace a sinlge worn component, creating a bed you can use for life.


Our dynamic air support system provides individualized support for 5 separate body zones: head, shoulders, lumbar, hips and legs. Each zone adjusts independently and allows you to custom fit the bed to your exact comfort preference. Medical grade polyurethane air chambers ensure the highest quality material is used. This highly resilient material is moulded with the seams and RF welded shut, preventing any air leaks over time.


3” cooling gel-infused VSCO memory foam comfort layer. Provides a cool, comfortable, pressure-relieving surface that draws warmth away from the body with gel-infusion molecules. An additional 1” high resilience foam is added underneath for increased support and structural integrity.

Interlocking edge support is designed to maximize the sleeping surface and prevent dipping, sagging, or bowing at the edges. The study base support foam provides a platform for the whole mattress so that it can sit on any kind of foundation – adjustable base, platform, box spring, slats, etc.

Peace of Mind

The ReST Bed™ Guarantee.

Your bed for life – The ReST Bed™ is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee trial period as well as an industry leading 10 year non-prorated warranty. Our modular design means you never have to buy another mattress again.

Modular Components

Pressure-sensing fabric


Air Chambers

Now Offering Climate Comfort Technology

Cooler, warmer or drier? You decide.  Thanks to our partners at BedJet, we’re please to offer the worlds leading cooling, heating and sweat drying bed technology to make the world’s smartest bed even smarter! 

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