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  • Julie Conti Confirmed

    From: Utica, New York
    5 Stars

    I seriously tried to dislike this bed

    I seriously tried to dislike this bed. I was very leary of spending so much money however I honestly have to say that it so far has been the best money we ever spent. I love this new bed. Comfort rest! It's like sleeping on a cloud. I almost enjoy going to bed. I actually sleep though the night.
  • Tyler Arnold Confirmed

    From: Ohio
    5 Stars

    Awesome bed

    I was needing a king size bed with the ability to have different levels of firmness on each side due to life changes and decided on rest over the competition. Delivery was straight forward and went without a hitch. The other learning curve was setting up each pump one at a time for each side and the app’s quirkiness when setting up a new bed. Once that was figured out everything has been working nicely. Once the bed adjusts, falling asleep and staying asleep for me has never been easier. With the bed doing it’s best to maintain a neutral spine position, I have not woke up sore or tired. Overall I feel this bed is worth the money and am looking forward to sleeping on it.
  • Cassidy Neal Confirmed

    From: Mobile, AL
    4 Stars

    Great night sleep, helps chronic pain!

    We had been looking for an adjustable bed for over a year. We had a sleep number and really like it but what really made us look at ReST was that you could adjust the firmness/your # at all different areas of your body. If i wanted my shoulders softer than my legs, i could change that! And that sold us on the bed. I have had chronic pain since a car accident several years ago, and this has really helped relieve alot of my pain at night. The only thing i would love to be addressed is that if you have the bed on "auto" which detects when you move/roll over and changes the bed automatically to keep the correct pressure level, the pump kicking on and off is a bit loud for me. I am a light sleeper. So i do not have my bed on auto. It just stays at the same pressure whether i move or not so that i am not woken up by the pump. Other than that, no complaints!
  • Maribel Torres Confirmed

    From: Florida
    5 Stars

    It’s an amazing mattress

    Good mattress slept all night without getting up no back pain. Slept like a baby.
  • Cheryl Kline Confirmed

    From: LaLuz NM
    5 Stars

    AHHHHH! Good Sleep at Last!

    I have had a bad back for years which resulted in spinal fusion surgery. We had 3 different beds in our house and I could not make it through the night on any one of them - it was a Glodilock case of this one is too hard, this one is to soft. So we went to the store and purchased a Rest bed - it was perfect! I find as I am healing my sleeping positions are changing, and with this Rest bed, the mattress changes to meet my needs. We are so thrilled. Now the only bad thing will be when travelling or visiting at other's homes, we will never be able to get the quality of sleep we have with this bed!
  • thomas rankin Confirmed

    From: Texas
    4 Stars

    Really enjoying the modern adjustable bed

    We are really enjoying the bed. We have had a little difficulty with the app connecting to the bed but that is strictly a software / app issue. The adjustability is wonderful.
  • Ametria Everette Confirmed

    From: Woodbine Ga
    5 Stars

    Rest is Best if you want quality sleep.

    Best Rest in my new Rest bed! AMAZING QUALITY OF REST!
  • Roger Renaud Confirmed

    From: St Pete, FL
    5 Stars

    Wake up fully rested

    Took a little while to get used to the bed adjusting to me (not loud but a new sound) but am well adjusted now and sleep like a bear
  • Kim Borges Confirmed

    From: Manteca, CA
    4 Stars

    So Many Options!

    After having my rEst bed for almost a year now, my husband and I are really happy with our purchase. I love being able to customize just about everything you could want in a bed. Difference in night and day compared to my previous bed. It's very interesting to see how different my husband's settings are from mine. We have very different mattress settings but are both able to get a better night's sleep.
  • Carolyn Andrews Confirmed

    From: Tyler,TX
    5 Stars

    Best REST!

    Love my REST bed! Previously owned a sleep number bed but this is much better. Very comfortable I have trouble sleeping but since getting this bed I sleep so much better and wake up refreshed.

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