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  • Adam Merritt Confirmed

    From: Cookeville, TN
    4 Stars

    Back pain gone

    I have had trouble sleeping for several years, so when it came time to replace my 10 year old mattress, I knew it was time to get something different. I suffered from both back pain when waking up and constant tossing/turning. It took me a few weeks to figure out where I needed to set my rest bed (way firmer than I would have guessed at 35), but my back pain is gone. For that reason, I am keeping it. Sadly, I still toss and turn a lot, which I hoped the bed would help with as well, but overall I'm still glad I bought it.
  • Masoud Edalat Confirmed

    From: Washington, DC
    5 Stars

    Finally! No back pain

    My wife and I have two very different sleep comforts and positions. With our old mattress, I was comfortable and she was not. With our REST bed and Purple mattress, we both have a great night's sleep without the need to stuff pillows in various places for support. We've had our bed for 2 years now, so this isn't a fluff review.
  • Joy Bennett Confirmed

    From: Riverview FL
    5 Stars

    Best Bed Ever

    I was having so many issues falling asleep and staying asleep until I purchased my rest bed. It is by far the best bed I have ever owned. Well worth spending the extra money when you spend so much time in your bed.
  • Chris Steinhaus Confirmed

    From: Duluth Minnesota
    5 Stars

    Fancy schmancy

    My wife and I have different needs when it comes to firmness of a bed. I’m twice her size so I need a firmer bed so I don’t get swallowed. Our bed Is like two beds in one my side is perfect and hers is squishy.
  • Cheryl Monday Confirmed

    From: New Port Richey, FL
    5 Stars

    Terrific bed!

    As we like to read in bed, the option to raise the head high is a real plus for us. We like being able to adjust according to our needs at different times. We sleep well in this bed. We had tried two other adjustable beds before finding this bed and are very happy with our choice.
  • Carrie Pappas Confirmed

    From: Sarasota, Florida
    5 Stars

    Great bed!

    We did a lot of research before deciding which bed to get. This worked out best for us as a couple. We were able to individualize our settings based on our personal needs. The bed is extremely comfortable!
  • Mike Telem Confirmed

    From: orlando, FL
    5 Stars

    Sleep Number move aside

    If you want the proper attention and appreciation from a company for your business...this is the place to go. The bed is amazing, the group is amazing. Called one day to ask how the night monitor that explains everything on your sleep pattern...next thing I know they connected to my system told me why Im not sleeping the best....story over....Its the best, will recommend
  • shawn ward Confirmed

    From: LA
    5 Stars

    Absolutely the best

    Most comfortable bed I've ever used. Very responsive and fairly quiet pump.
  • Christopher Humbert Confirmed

    From: Hopkins, MN
    5 Stars

    What i was looking for!

    Love my ReST bed and the ability to adjust the firmness depending on how i’m feeling. Sleep great!
  • Stephen Kellner Confirmed

    From: Woodstown, NJ
    4 Stars

    Great bed, glitchy software!

    My wife and I love the bed, however we have had problems with the wifi on the pumps not connecting. This means we have to go through the setup process again. It's happened a few times now. Customer service is great and will get you back on track, but I wish the bed's software was more stable.

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