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  • John Nelson Confirmed

    From: Chapel HIll, NC
    5 Stars

    Best bed I've ever slept in

    I've been sleeping in my ReST Split King now for 1 year and it's by far the best bed I've ever slept in. Prior to buying my ReST bed last year, I had a king Sleep Number for about 10 years. I was going to buy another Sleep Number until I did some research and found ReST. For me, the ReST bed is superior in terms of both comfort and how I feel when I get out of bed. I'm 57 years old and if the bed isn't comfortable to me, I wake up feeling like I'm 77 years old. Let's just say that when I get out of bed in the morning after sleeping in my ReST bed, I honestly feel like I did when I was 37!
  • Kim Troup Confirmed

    From: USA
    5 Stars

    Great Bed & Excellent Customer Service!

    We absolutely love the ReST bed! The ability to control 5 zones allows for a great night's sleep. The customer service is also great. Every time we have had a question or a problem, they have been answered and solved extremely fast. We would recommend this bed to all our family and friends.
  • Jason Lasher Confirmed

    From: USA
    5 Stars


    Well worth the price for something we'll spend 1/3rd of our life in! Set up went very well and even if your not too tech savvy it's very intuitive. Multi zone adjustment makes this ideal and in a league of it's ow. Over even top of the line number beds. As a combat vet with a service related back injury, as well as a recreational ice hockey player and race car driver and my wife a professional horse rider we need that targeted comfort to be able to get after it each and every day.
  • Gregg Pawlowski Confirmed

    From: ATLANTA, GA
    5 Stars

    The ULTIMATE mattress and customer service

    I cannot say enough about my Rest Bed experience! Their pre-purchase AND delivery customer service is as good as it gets. BUT, the actual Rest Bed is light years ahead of the competition, because I’ve tried them. Coming off a serious back injury, I thought I’d never sleep well again, until I found REST. After only a few months, I’m sleeping PAIN FREE! Thank you for giving me the best sleep I’ve ever had!
  • Jesse W. Confirmed

    From: Ardmore, PA
    4 Stars

    The first bed my back can tolerate

    I ruptured two discs in my lower back three years ago and I tried physical therapy, a new chair, and a stand-up desk to alleviate the pain. I realized my bed was a big part of the problem and I had in-home 90-day trial of several different manufacturers (Casper, Purple, Tuft and Needle, Saatva, Tempurpedic) but none helped. Firm beds made my shoulder fall asleep. Medium firm beds did not give enough support to my hips. Being able to set the firmness in each zone with the ReST has been a game changer. My only complaint is the App still needs a lot of work. It just lacks a bunch of features I would hope for (memorize several positions, more sensitive controls, a number rating for pressure, etc.) plus it can't connect through my router. The customer service has been great and they assure me they are working on improving the app.
  • Mark James Confirmed

    From: Pasadena, CA
    5 Stars

    Outstanding Product

    I have been using the dual zone bed for two years and strongly recommend it to anyone. It is the best feeling bed I have ever slept on and it operates flawlessly. The one thing that need to improve on is the app and how it connects to the bed through the network. It is very difficult to do at times because it seems picky with respect to the network. I recommended this bed to my boss and he loves it.
  • Gary Smith Confirmed

    From: Clarence Center, NY
    5 Stars

    Great so far!

    I have had the bed for about 10 days so far and am very pleased with the Rest bed. I have been experimenting with all of the adjustments and have been able to to fine tune it to my desired firmness for both side and back sleeping. I love that I can make it firm for back sleeping and soft for side sleeping and it automatically adjusts every time I turn. This is what I was missing in my old traditional mattress. A big purchase but so far worth every cent!
  • Darrell Melvin Confirmed

    From: Parlin
    5 Stars

    What an amazing bed

    I love this bed. Great for couples. Well worth it
  • Ashley Umstead Confirmed

    From: Orlando, Fl
    5 Stars

    Best bed ever

    This bed has been amazing for my back. In our old bed I was having a hard time falling and staying asleep. Now that we have our rest bed, I have no problem falling and staying asleep now. I love our rest bed!
  • Hsiu Chang Confirmed

    From: Manchester NH
    5 Stars

    Great customer service, fast delivery and setup

    I learned that this mattress is a high-end mattress like the Sleep Number. But, it has a better warranty and return policy. The setup was smooth, and my back has been thanking me since I slept on it. The mattress can be controlled with an app on your personal device, but once I found the right setting, I just kept it the same every single time.

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