ReST® in Kona Year 2: The Best Mattress for Athletes (and everyone else too…)

Last week and for the 2nd year in a row we spent all week at the IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona Hawaii, and presented The ReST Bed™ to many of the athletes and their family members. We were especially excited to get back to Hawaii to showcase our bed to the IRONMAN community again for several reasons. First off, it’s Hawaii! I mean a week long business trip can be a grind for anybody but if you’ve gotta take one for the team you might as well sacrifice with a mai-tai in hand and a sunset view with Mauna Loa rising up behind you

Secondly, a lot had happened in the past year since we first debuted at the IRONMAN World Championship in 2016, and we were excited/curious to see how this year would differ from the last.

Over the past year since we first launched into the triathlon space we’ve more than doubled our retail floor footprint, experienced a significant increase in sales, but also a HUGE increase in brand awareness, especially in the triathlon community. Among others, we now have top tier triathletes like Mirinda Carfrae, Andy Potts, Matt Hanson & Ellie Salthouse sleeping on a ReST Bed™. We’ve also been featured in several fitness articles and magazines centered around sleep as it relates to recovery.

Best Mattress for EveryoneHalfway through day one it became apparent that The ReST Bed™ had officially solidified its place in the triathlon community as the best mattress for athletes! The overwhelming majority of the athletes walking by not only recognized us, but were eager to try it and experience The ReST Bed™ for themselves.

A common question we kept hearing from spectators however was some version of “What if I’m not an athlete? Is this still the right bed for me?” And that’s when we realized that maybe we had done TOO good of a job marketing The ReST Bed™ as the best bed for athletes. For starters, our bed is absolutely the best mattress for athletes precisely because of how it can custom fit and make changes to target specific parts of the body. An athlete’s body is constantly in a state of change based on how they trained during the day, so our bed is perfect to help their hips, or shoulders, or lower back get the pressure relief it needs to heal.

BUT, The ReST Bed™ isn’t JUST a bed for athletes. As we explained to many of the triathletes friends and family out in Kona, The ReST Bed™ is perfect for just about anybody, even if they forego the gym for some good ole fashioned binge watching and ice-cream eating Saturdays!

The ReST Bed™ wasn’t originally designed with athletes specifically in mind per se, but for people who have specific needs when it comes to finding their ideal comfort settings. Put another way, our bed is the only bed that will meet someones needs, regardless of what those needs are. Back pain? The ReST Bed™ can help alleviate that by providing additional lumbar support. Shoulder pain? The ReST Bed™ can custom adjust your shoulder area to provide the perfect balance of support and pressure relief? Spousal pain? Our bed is perfect for couples! The days of compromising over a firm verses soft mattress is over for couples who sleep on a ReST Bed™!

Now that we’re all back at HQ in Atlanta from our weeklong adventure in Kona, we’re still reeling off of the high that came from showing and introducing ReST® to more and more people!

So what’s in store for 2018? We’re still going to be focusing on the athletic community as we move into 2018 with respect to being the perfect bed for athletes, but as we continue to grow we’ll also be focusing our message to encapsulate everyone, not JUST athletes. It’s important to us that we live up to our lofty mission, our mission to improve people’s lives by dramatically improving the third of your day when you’re not awake. We know that healthy sleep helps us all, so we are excited about the upcoming year and looking forward to sharing The ReST Bed™ with even more folks that aren’t getting the sleep they need . And trust me, spectating a 17 hour race can be grueling in its own way, and us spectators at IRONMAN races deserve a great night of sleep too!

Check out some of our photos from this year below!

Bryant, Nate, and Chuck from SlumberWorld  Bryant & Nate with Siri Lindley  

Mirinda Carfrae stopping by to say hello to a few of her fans  The boys & professional triathlete AND ReST Bed™ owner Matt Hanson  A professional triathlete & Model trying out our bed

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